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Alesis DataDisk
Direct MIDI to Disk / Universal DATA Storage

Vintage Guitar MIDI Interface
Converts 6 chanels of audio information to
Model: DigiTech IVL 7000 Pitch Rider

Mac bases Music Production Station

Vintage MIDI Guitar Interface

Description: This vintage piece of MIDI gear is one of the most versitile "swiss army knife" type tools a vintage MIDI set-up can use. Imagine to be able to capture any type of data trasnmited over the MIDI stream into a file to then re-transmit or use at any time. This can include and sysex data, patches, sequnces, progam changes, MIDI set-ups etc. Or use as a MIDI tape recorder to capture life performances to play them as a MIDI file. The unit is a 19" rackmount unit that uses standard 3.5" floppy disks.

Features: (All features, buttons and knobs): 3.5" floppy drive, backlight LCD screen, scroll buttons, receive, send, delete, backup, do/yes, request, info, MIDI, format..

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Condition: Physically excellent (very few scratches - almost mint), working + tested

Lot: 1 Alesis MIDI DataDisk w/ power supply, a box with 5 new floppy disks, have owner's manual in PDF (can burn to CD) .

Price: $75.00 SOLD!

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Guitar Gear

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Description: How much cooler can it get than to use audio information to control a MIDI device? This unit has input for 6 chanels of guitar level audio signals and then converts the information gained from the audio signals to MIDI. Sing you synthesizer, Dance your drums, whatever you can imagine - this unit may be the answer! This box just begs the creative experimenter to get his hands on this!
This unit was manufactured in Cnada, by a company named: ivl TECHNOLOGIES. All components of this unit appear of the highest quality and the quality rack mount case in which it is housed is already worth more than my asking price!

Features: (All buttons and knobs)

Front: Power switch, push buttons with indicator LEDs: String: (selects which of th e6 audio inputs to select): E, D, B, A, G, E String; Setting: push button for data entry: increase, decease, Mode: what to modify: MIDI channel, Volume Dynamics, Pitch bend, Input sesitivity, Transpose, Tuning,; * Pin DIN jack for 6 chanel audio input.

REAR Manufacturer labes with serial number, Line output (a Mix of the 6 audio signals) footswitch Jack, MIDI out, Power in: 7-10V 1.5A (how much easier coudl it get?).

Condition: Physically excellent, working condition not known - I have not tested it, thus it is going cheap, but I would expect for it to work, - even itf it would not work: a quality rackmount case such as provided by this unit sells at electronic supply stores for about $80, so $45 for this unit is a steal!

Lot: 1 DigiTech IVL 7000 Pitch Rider Guitar MIDI interface as shown above. Nothing else included - unit only, as photographed.

Price: $45.00 SOLD! as described, or $149.00 tested / working, with a power supply and an input cable provided (will have to custom make it. - If planning to use this for guitar: I don't have a pick up - I have the unit only. Get your own pick-up, or get a quote form me, on how much it will be, to add one - likely $149 for the unit, plus the price of a pick up, plus $100 to configure and adapt a standard pickup work with this unit.)

Get this unit, before someone else will! At this price I don't expect to have it for very long!

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Synthesizers and Keyboards

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