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- Repairing, Refurbishing, Restroring and Custom Modifying of Vintage Audio Electronics + Music Equipment since 1979

Vintage Furniture Type Stereo Consoles:

Vintage Table Top Stereo Consoles - Solid State

Stereo Consoles

come form a time aera when listening to music was the main attraction and entertainment in the living room and oftern these units were quite beautiful pieces of furniture and luxuriously equipment with quality equipment. No epxpense was spared to provide roomfilling and impressive sound. What makes stereo consoles desirable today is their vintage sound and experience.

There is not a stereo console that does not provide a record changer. Other than that: Almost all consoles except some units form the 50's provide tuners / radios. More often than, not consoles are constructed over several chassis throughout the unit, which makes refurbishing work involed and very time consuming

As with other vintage audio equipment, stereo consoles are subject to aging and only those units that were serviced in regular intervalls (which most are not - due to bulkyness) are still in fuly working condition. Without completely refurbishing the unit entirely in every aspect, it won't provide reliable, lasting or qualty performance. So, if one is found in still working condition that won't do much good, as the effects of time have rendered internal components and workings in less than optimum condition, especially if the unit apppears not to have been used often . The traces of time cause in varying degress: Rubber parts age and wear, lurication hardens or dries out, solder points become brittle or intermittened, and contacts, controlls, connectors become dirty and oxydized. lamps burn out, other parts shift out of tolerance, and electrolytic capacitos leak current, all resulting in: poor audio quality, poor radio receoption, a record changer that no longer changes and plays too slow, or drags, dirty and noisy signals and hum.

My goal with any equipment that I refurbish is to address ALL of above issues where ever possible in as much detail as possible, to provide equipment that performs as close as possible to original specifications and reliable - aiming for decades of trouble free operation to come. Anything less than that does not make sense! Quality work takes tremendous resources of work time and parts, which often are hard to find. Please take these facts into consideration when evaluating the prices shown here.

Vintage 1964 Magnavox Table Top Stereo Console

Vintage 1964 Table Top Console

Fully Re-Worked! Re-Work based on a complete tear down - re-worked to replace all components affected by age!

Famous “Colaro Conquest” 4 Speed Record Changer - One of the most sophisticated changers - beautiful to watch!

The record changer of this unit features the famous "Micromatic" changer chassis which is very similar to the "Collaro Conquest" changer (uses the same technology!), which actually "feels" record sizes and thus is able to play records of different sizes fully automatic, if stacked larger to smaller records. This model is quite luxorious and taken the famous portabl emodel ot the next leavel, which now features 8" wooders and just like the portable a 2 way speaker system. In addition this unit features also a FM / AM tuner, an AUX input (for your iPod!) , and a built-in 2-way Speaker System - quite fancy in comparison to the portable unit which does not have a radio and offers only a full range speaker. You will be impressesed by this unit's quality and sond!

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Description: This 1964 classic US made piece of American Audio history is presented here as a one time opportunity to own a fully re-worked piece of equipment in very good and fully re-worked condition. Due to extensive re-work it tperforms much like when it was new and will work reliably for decades to come!

The electronics of this unit features truely vintage sound, and this console's record changer features the famous british made Colaro Conquest model. Listen to music the way our parents and grandparents did.

This vintage stereo console offers all needed for the vintage audio experience, such as a FM / AM tuner but also offer an AUX input to connect an iPod, CD player, or other audio device. The Colaro Conquest changer is a very nice quality 4 speed changer (16, 33, 45, 78 RPM) that plays all record types with ease, and allows to stack records for uninterupted play.

Features: All knobs and buttons: (left to right): Trebble/On/OFF, Loudness, Bass, then: Iselector push buttons: FA. AM , AUX, then: Tuning, Balance, Selector: Phono/Tuner; Record changer: Switch: OFF, ON, AUTO; Selector: 16, 33, 45, 78. New Flip-over stylus for LP and 78's

Condition: Good to very good physical condition, very clean and shiny with the occasional slight imperfection. Looks nice and perfroms almost like new. Few visible scratcehs etc. Tested and working well (Please keep in mind though that tuners of later vintage superceed these early ones - Tuner works well but modenr tuners may be better - truely vintage sound. I spent more than 25 hours of work time to complete this unit to address al potnial aspects of this units age carefully.

Lot: Vintage Magnavox Table Top Console as shown (actual photo of the unit shown - please inquire for higher resolution images.)

Dimensions: (aprox.): 36" x 10" x 20"

Price: $750.00 SOLD! More than 25 hours of labor went into the restoration of this fine piece of Vintage Audio Equipmenti to present it in reliably working condition for decades to come!

Vintage Stereo Consoles - Vacuum Tube & Solid State 16, 33, 45, 78 rpm

Stereo Consoles Available:
(All units shown in below pichture shown in original as found and unrefurbished condition)

2-10 Weeks Lead Time - The goal with my work: to bring these fine pieces of vintage audio equipment back to as close as possible to original specifications and to provide each in reliably working condition for decades to come! This takes hours and hours and douzends of hours of paistaking detail orineted work. Restoration of a stereo console, due to a lot of items to work on, typically takes 1-5 FULL work weeks of labor time +parts to achieve this goal. Thus prices based on the actual amount of time and parts needed (and: some of the parts are quite hard to find! - which takes more time again!) Prices for the items shown here in fully restored condition typically are $800-$4500. As dedicated work time to focus just on one project is in very short supply, the best time to order any one of these units will be in the summer ( - May through August - ), as at other times I may NOT be able to serve you very quickly, especially during late fall, winter and the first two months of the of the new year. A note: Rushing it and vintage audio equipment, or pushing for "discount prices" do not go together! Quality work takes as much time as it takes, to do it right - and right the first time! - And: often for equipment of this age it takes to get back into it, over and over again, to improve and tweak until all is perfect, so that is can ship in top condiion! If needing to rush: Please inquire for these units in "AS-Found / AS-IS" condition - I do not compromise on the quality of my cratsmanship! Thank you for your understanding.

These Stereo Consoles will be REFURBISHED to Order:

Stereo Consoles with Record Changer to be refurbished to order.

1. 1950's Magnavox Tube amplified stereo furniture type Stereo Console. Very Nice warm sound! Speakers: 15" woofers + Jensen horns; Record Changer : The famous Collaro Conquest chassis; AM-FM radio.

2. Packakrd Bell Vacuum Tube Mini Console (dimensions: 36" W x 17" D x 28" H ). Consists of Voice of Music made record changer and Packakrd Bell Tube Receiver

3. Zenith 1950 Tube Console. Consists of: Cobramatic Record Changer. Tube Tuner. Tube pre-amplifier. Tube Power Amplifier.

4. Ampex Vacuum Tube Console form the 1950s. Consists of (each unit in it's own chssis - complete Hi-fi components that could be removed!): Ampex Hi-Fi Tube Pre-Amplifier, Tube Tuner, 2 x Tube Power Amplifiers (Tubes 5BQ5 in push pull), 2 x Built-in Fully Enclosed Speakers, Quality Record Changer ( likely will upgrade with a refurbished German made Dual changer chassis - options to be discussed)

5. Ampex Vacuum Tube Console from the 1950's. This was the top of the line model and best available at the time. (each unit in it's own chssis - complete Hi-fi components that could be removed!): Consists of: Ampex Hi-Fi Tube Pre-Amplifier, Tube Tuner (and MPX chassis), 2 x Tube Power Amplifiers (Tubes 6L6 in push pull), 2 x Built-in Fully Enclosed 3 way Speaker systems, Garrard quality Record Changer and Ampex Reel to Reel recorder (can be removed for purchase without it to convert drawer to a utility drawer)

6. 1966 Magnavox Solid State Stereo Console Consists of: Record Changer updated revision of famous Collaro changer. Magnavox tuner amplifier Buitl-in 2 Way Speakers: 12" Woofers with Jensen Horns

"#3 Zenith Tube Stereo Console"

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50's Portable Tube Radios!

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