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1/4" Tape Reel to Reel Recorders: • STEREO - Quadraphonic - Multi Track and 1950's Tube

Vintage Hi-FI Home Stereo Open Reel Tape Recorders

Reel to Reel decks

can vary quite a bit in features and thus considering these basic distinctions is essential:

• available recording speeds
• reel size / maximum reel size.
track assignment

Typically reel to reel decks are distinguished into these three main types:

1) Portable decks
2) Home stereo decks
3) Professional decks.
4) Multi Track decks (4 or more audio channels - see below).

It is impossible for one machine to cover the features in all 4 categories, which means: if seeking a deck for a specific purpose, or a deck to play back previoulsy recorded tapes, a deck in the right category will be needed.

1/4" Tape Recorder Categories
- Details:

1) Portable decks: Fully portable defined as: can run on internal batteries. Due to technology needed to implement: not widely available until the 1960's. Earlier decks sold as "portable" require AC power, but many can handle up to 7" reel sizes. Most battery operated portable decks only work with reel sizes form 2" up to 3 1/2 inches. Due to the small reel size, recording speeds are slower than for home stereo decks: 15/16, 1 7/8 and up to 3 3/4 IPS. Most decks are mono and are either designed to operate in half track, or in quater track format. Professional portable decks work with reel sizes up to 5", and can run as high as 7 1/2 IPS and work either in quater or half track format. Some may be stereo.

2) Home stereo decks generally can handle 7" reels. Most decks provide 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 IPS recording speeds and work in quater track format (labled as 4 track stereo). There are very few home decks that can handle up to 10" reels. The idea was to extend play lenghts, but don't yet provide professional speeds. Thus 10" reels, but 3 3/4 and 7 1/2 IPS only. To make music listening more convenient the "Auto Reverse" feature was added. Also to mention: most home decks are not designed to handle small 2 1/2 to 3 1/2" reels typically used for portable decks. Due to the small diameter tape, torque of the home deck will be too high, meaning: the tape may stretch or break, if played on a home stereo deck.

3) Professional decks were intended to create master recordings, so aim to provide highest possible sond quality. This is achived by giving the audio material as much space as possible on the tape through high recording speed, such as: 7 1/2, 15, or 30 IPS. Higher tape speeds than 7 1/2 IPS require 10" reels. Better professional stereo decks record in half track format (or if mono: full track);

4) Multi track recorders handle more than stereo (more than 2 audio channels). Those that use 1/4" tape typically have 4 or 8 channels. Those for wider than 1/4" tape (1/2" 1" 2") provide either 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 recording tracks for multi track studio recording.

In order to save you form needing to purchase a deck, if having only a few tapes, I offer tape transfer servies to re-record your own 1/4" tape recordings to CD. (=You are the copy right owner, or have obtained a license for re-recording): I can transfer any 1/4" tape at any speed (15/16, 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2, 15, and 30 IPS) and at quarter, half track and 4 track / 4 channel format for you. More details about Tape Transfer Services here

Reel to Reel Technical Questions/Answers

Tape Transfer Services

Reel to Reel Tape Tranfer Services

For those of you who do not wish to buy a whole reel to reel deck just to listen to, or transfer transfer a few tapes: I offer professional transfer services to cut your tapes to CD, or even to provide e-mailalble MP3 files of your material. I publish my own music comercially and have a full featured recording studio based on a Digidesign ProTools System and various reel to reel decks. I can handle any 1/4" tape, recorded at: 15, 7 1/2, 3 3/4, 1 7/8, 15/16 IPS recording speeds and in full track, half track, quarter track and 4 track / 4 chanel recording formats

.More Detail HERE!

MUSIC on Open Reel Tape that would go well with these Recorders!

Guitar Gear

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3 Motor 3 Head
3 Speed 4 Trk - 2 Chanel Stereo - 7" Open Reel Deck

Phillips 3 head 3 Motor Reel to Reel Deck

Refurbished - AND: machine in excellent condition. Mechanicaly re-worked and in perfect shape.

3 Speeds:, 7.5 IPS, 3 3/4 IPS plus the rare 1 7/8 IPS speed
3 Heads3 Motors:,
• RCA inputs & outputs
• 1/4" Microphone inpus
• Headphone output
• VU meters
• Reel size: up to 7"
• DNL Noise limiter

Physical Feature Details: (Top to bottom, left to right, front to rear): Tape counter, VU meters, RRecording level controls: levle +blanace; Headphone lvel controls: Levle and balance, power switch, Tape transport opertation buttons: Rewind, Wind, Start, Pause, Record, Stop; Selector Switches:Moinitiiring: head / source; Track selector: 1-2 3-4 + Stereo; Speeed selctro: 1 7/8, 3 3/4 , 7 1/2 IPS, DNL Noise limitor on/off (withe indicator LED), Headphone output and Mic inputs 1/4".

Description: This early 1980's deck was made in Austria by Phillips. It features the latest Reel to Reel technology such as DNL noise limiter and has all features one would want in a deck: 3 heads, 3 speeds, 3 Motors, mono tracks or stereo. This machine can handle open reel tapes up to 7" reel size.

Features: This deck will play and record at 7 1/2, 3 3/4, 1 7/8 IPS.

Physical Condition: Very Clean and Excellent condition with only minor signs of use. Overall cosmetic condition: 9/10

Working Condition: machine to fully work . I re-worked the machine so that it works properly. - The heads of this machine show only light wear and are in good condition. However there is one defect and thus the price was reduced: One of the level meters gets at times stuck when there is not much fluction in level, so one would need to tap it to free the needle. The history: The meter was not working at all and I had to find a suitable relacment, whihc means I had to replace the movement itself, While it was difficult to find a meter that exacly matchned I succeeded with that, but dis aseembly of the movement got me - so it is not perfect. The re-work of the meter alone took about $200 worth of time. The deck was reduced from $450 to $375 for this defect.

Work performed to present this machine in excellent and fully working condition: Replaced the belts. Replaced the level meter movement. All potentiometers and swtiches (internal and externally acessible), trimpots and contacts deoxydized and lubricated, cleaned and demagnetized all elements in the tape path; all electroic calibrations checked and tweaked. Physical cleaning and detail work. Thorough and complete test.

Lot: Phillips N-4504 RtR deck with ""meter" defect described above ("working condition")

Price: $450 -> $375.00 see above meter defect


Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

OR: Quick Check Out Shopping cart button below will bill you about $475 total ($375 + about $100= Shipping DEPOSIT - cart will show higher cost of the deck and a lower shipping cost to come to the total of $475) Payment processed through PAYPAL.With Payment I will: pack, then calculate actual shipping cost to your ZIP code (within continental USA only!), refund any shipping cost over payment, SHIP and e-mail tracking number. I reserve right to cancel order by refunding your entire payment. If need to approve shipping costs, before I ship, please use: Buy/Inquire instead. Please READ and agree to All details before proceding here.


Vintage Stereo - Open Reel Tape Recorders


7" Stereo / 2 Chanel 1/4 Track - Reverse Play and Reverse Record Reel to Reel Deck

Reel to Reel Tape Recorder with built-in Amplifier + Detacheable Speakers.

Also has 1 7/8 IPS speed - rare !

SONY TC-230 3 Speed Open Reel Recorder

Repaired to nicely working condition.

3 Speeds:, 7.5 IPS, 3 3/4 IPS plus the rare 1 7/8 IPS speed
• Plays / Records Forward and Reverse (No Need to flip over the tape!)
• Built-In Amplifier with inputs + Detacheable Speakers
• Phono inpus (for direct turn table hook-up can be used as well as a phono pre-amp or an amplifier for a turntable!
• Deck operates stand alone or can be connected to stereo equipment.
• Phono / Tuner / AUX / MIC Inputs)
• Headphone Jack (1/4")
• Mic inputs + Extenal Speaker outputs
• VU meters
• Reel size: up to 7"
• Stereo or Mono operations (records and plays mono tracks)

• Can be opearated with 12V DC (needed cable not included)

• Electronically Controlled Motor

Physical Feature Details: (Top to bottom, left to right, front to rear): Top: (Tape Speed selector knob: 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2 IPS; Pause button ("Instant Stop"); Auto reverse switch on/off; VU meters*; Panel with input level controls and recording switches (L, R): controls: Mic/Aux L, R; Phono, Tuner; Tape counter, Head Assembly (3 heads: Play/Rec forward, Play/Rec reverse, Erase head for forward and reverse), Operation Levler: Rewind,, Play reverse, Stop, Play and Fast Forward button; Input selector switch (4 switches): Tape/Mic (black), Phono, Aux, Tuner (top of side panel): Speakers on/off, channel selector: L, Stereo, R; Trebble, Bass, e Volume control (separately adjustable for L,R; Noise suppress switch: ON/Off; Power Switch with power indicator; Headphone Jack;REAR Panel (see photo part at bottom): Remote speed control input jack (to adjust speed if using with musical instruments); AC intlet (special Sony plug for which a 12V cable is available (not included) Fuse holder, 2 AC outlets, 3.5 mm Speaker outputs, RCA line level output, Phono ground connection point, RCA jacks: Phono, tuner, Aux, 3.5 mm MIC inputs.

Description: This Sony reel to reel deck was made in Japan at about 1972 and was marketed as "Stereo Center", meaning: It can be used as a stereo amplifer to hook other devices to it. It has: Mic Inputs, aPhono input for direct turntable hook-up and Line Level inputs. This is one of those "swiss army knife" recorders: all is there that it needs for stereo or mono operation. It has a built-in stereo amplifer and detacheable speakers, so can be used stand-alone, but also can be fully connected to other audio/stereo equipment. It works with tapes up to 7" reel size. Listen to those old recordings again, or tansfer them!

Features: This deck will play and record at 7 1/2, 3 3/4, 1 7/8 IPS. Mic ins for mic recording or record the external Phono, Tuner, or AUX input.

Physical Condition: Clean and great condition with only minor signs of use. Overall cosmetic condition: 8/10

Working Condition: Repaired to nicely working condition - works great and sounds great with clear highs. Plays good and records good. Heads good. However: To fully restore a deck like this one to like new working condition would take $750-$900. As many have asked for my tape decks to be inexpensive only basic repair work was performed to bring this unit back to working condition and to keep the pirce as low as possible. It has short commings. At additional cost these items could be addresed: Recording level meters physically stuck - add $100-$120 to repair this, Belts could be replaced - add $120; auto reverse does not work (manual reverse works) $40-$75 with belt replacement - $200 without. Or a full refub at about a total price of $850 for the deck.

Work performed to present this machine in nicely working condition: Repair: one of the pre-amplifers; Mechanical over haul: De-Greased and relubricated nearly all mechanical parts, cleaned belts for good traction, but the could be replaced (see "working condition" above) Treated potentiometers and swtiches with contact cleaner; cleaned and demagnetized all elements in the tape path; Physical cleaning and detail work. Thorough and complete test. Good. This is the answer to your requests to offer a reasonably priced deck. If I was to completely refurbish this deck so that it will work like new for long lasting reliable performance, it would be in the $750-$900. range. It works well but has a few short commings (see above). Many parts are original and old, which means: potentially could fail due to age - Deck in fully and nicely working condition currently though.

Lot: Sony TC-560 RtR deck as described above. Shown Speakers original and included (they mount as a lid to make this whole system "portable") Includes also: all the original paper work and the AC power cable

Dimensions: (aprox.): 20 1/2" (w) x 16 1/5" (h) x 6 " (deck only); with speakers attached: 20 1/2" (w) x 16 1/5" (h) x 10 1/4"; weight: Aprox 50 lbs.

Price: $225.00


Vintage Reel Recorder with added features for the Vintage Analog Aduio Enthusiast

Concord 1100 / TEAC A-1500W
4 Head - 3 Motor Stereo Reel to Reel Tape RECORDER
w/ E C H O and Auto Reverse

3 Hd 3 Motor Auto-Reverse Stereo Reel to Reel Tape RecorderReel to Reel Deck

4 Head 3 Motor - with tape monitor function
Stereo E C H O function allows to use this deck as an analogue tape echo machine!
Track independant Add-A-Track function with input mixer allows overdubbing
Microphone Pre-amlifier with line level mixer for 2 separate stereo inputs (4 inputs!).
Germanium transistors and "kathode bypass" caps for true VINTAGE SOUND - designed in 1965!
Works with tape reels up to 7"
Tape speeds: 7.5 IPS, 3 3/4 IPS,
Relais controlled transport for completely smooth and remote controllable operation.
RCA and 1/4" inputs - mixable!
DIN inputs & outputs (5 Pin European Connector type)
2 Microphone inpus
2 Chanel stereo mixer: mix Mic and line inputs separately with separate controls for each channel
Stereo Headphone output (for high impedanve headphones only)
6 Recording modes: L, R separately, stereo, Add a track 1, Add A track 2, Stereo Echo and safety (no recording).
2 VU meters with record indicator lights.
Channel Recording indicator lamp
Line output level control
Auto shut off for all functions
Refurbished - works flawlessly and reliably.

Feature Details:
3 (4) head - 3 Motor Transport Works with reels up to 7" Switcheable ECHO function: Mono or stereo echosWill play and record at 7 1/2, 3 3/4, IPS Will record and play back in quarter track fromat Will record in stero or mono (mono: 1 track at the time w. overdubbing functions and echo!) 4 heads: 3 for forward direction: 1 Erase head. 1 Recording head, 1 Playback head, plus 1 Playback head for reverse play All functions are soldenoid and relay controlled - there is a plug in back for a wired remote control The unit provides a 2 pairs of stereo inputs (mic an dline level), that can be mixed together Each of the 4 input chanels is controlled by a separate potentiometer section. The unit provides a headphone jack which unfortunately can oly be used with high impedance headphones (design flaw) and a source / tape switch to monitor the just recorded signal for acurate recordings The unit includes a pair of detacheable amplified speakers (shown partially) that plug into their own jacks at the machine's side panel.

Description: There used to be an American company by the name of Concord, manuafacturing tape decks. As Japanese electronics flooded the market product manufacturing was outsourced to Japan. This deck appears to be made by TEAC for Concord. It is almost identical to the TEAC A-1550W except, that the paneling is slightly different and that this deck adds a set of external amplified speakers. Just like the early TEAC decks this one was made in the good old days of quality and definitely still carries some of the quality characteristics form before Concertone became TEAC. We are counting 1966 as a year when first solid state equipment found it's way into audio equpment and features unique vintage sound. At the time this recorder was among the finest tape decks available and offered features rarely found. Most decks at the time featured 1 Motor 2 head desgns - This machine features 3 motors, relais transport control and has 4 heads (3 for one side with monitor function, the other 4 th head is for reverse playback). It is made ruggedly and features a relais controlled 3 motor transport with autoreverse function - so it will play in both directions without the need to turn the tape over. Transport and electronics in this machine are actually 2 separate sub chassis. This machine is in perfect working condition performs smoothly and was completely overhauled for years of trouble free service to come. Belts and many the electrlytic cpacitors in the amplifier electronics were replaced.

Detailled Physical Features: FRONT PANEL: Operation push buttons: Rewind, Stop, Fast Forwind, Play, Record FRONT PANEL AUDIO CONTROL ELEMENTS: Recording functions: record left, Record right (both for stereo record) , Add track 1, Add track 2 ( = overdubing functions, or both for Stereo Echo); Power switch: ON/OFF, Tape monitor function: Source / Tape; 2 needle level meter indicator; AUDIO Controls: Output level control (separate sections to control each chanel separately; also acts as feedback / ech control in Echo mode; Line level input control (separate sections to control each chanel separately) Mic level input control (separate sections to control each chanel separately); 2 x 1/4" Microphon input jacks; Tape Speed Selector buttons (2 x black): 3 3/4 IPS and 7 1/2 IPS, Tape Counter; Side Panel: Wired remote control Input jack, AC power Input Jack, Fuse holder, RCA line level input jacks, RCA Output jacks.

Work performed to present this machine in excellent and reliably working condition: The main drive belt andthe counter belt were replaced. Other work includes: a complete cleaning and lubrication job on all mechanical parts - which inclcuded rework for the pichroller assembly; All potentiometers and swtiches and contacts deoxydized and lubricated, many were replaced; cleaned and demagnetized all elements in the tape path; checked and tweaked head alignments; all electroic calibrations checked and tweaked. Almost 30 hours of labor went into this deck, which the sales price does not cover.

Condition: Excellent working condition - machine recently completely overhauled. The heads of this machine show some wear but perform very well (it is impossible to find a deck without any head wear -these days simply due to how long ago production was discontinued), A great machine in great condition! Physical Condition: Very Clean, has only a few minor signs of use and dings. Otther than that: the machine has no scratches or damages, however the original head cover is missing and plastic material was installed not to look completely ugly (only an optical issue)
Overall cosmetic condition: 8+/10

Lot: 1 Concord 1100 Reel to Reel deck , 2 rubbber tape reel fastenrs, 1 Power Chord; 2 original Amplified Speakers that attach to the unit and serve as front cover when not in use.

Shipping weight: (incl. packing materials): about 66 lbs.

Price: $550.00 (If I would charge for actual labor and parts that went into the restoration of this deck, the price would need to be higher! - Great value for your Dollar!)


Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.


-> More Reel to Reel Decks below! <-

Vintage Multi Channel / 4 Track Open Reel Tape Recorders

4 channel quadraphonic and multi track Open Reel Tape Recorders with simulatanious sync

Multi Track / Multi Channel Recorders record more than stereo. The decks shown here record 4 channels, where "quadraphonic" records 2 or 4 channels at one time, and the "multi track" decks allow to record each channel separately, or several tracks at one time, while allowing to listen to other non recording tracks when recording. Multi-sync means that the playback signal is in "sync" with the recording signal or in other words that a played back track syncs with the one recording. This is important for multi track music work, or where audio material is recorded in layers, for over dubbing tracks to another track. Multi Track decks are typically used in a recording studio environment.©Multi Track decks are typically used 2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com

These multi channel decks are NOT ready to ship, but will be REFURBISHED to order
(details for "refurb to order" see below, next section)

Panasonic 4 Channel Quadraphonic Deck: (Shown: let) This deck either records in stereo or quadraphonic, which means records either 2 or 4 channels. Simmultanious sync recording or over dubbing is not possible, so this deck is not suitable for recording studio work, but will work well for home entertainment, especially with quadraphonic Hi-fi equipment.

©2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
TEAC A-2340: (Shown: center) This deck records 4 channles in multi track simmultanious sync format, so is suited for recording studio work. This deck is desinged to be used with 7" reels SOLD!

©2008 ultraelectronicactiv.com
TEAC A-3340: (Shown: right) This deck records 4 channles in multi track simmultanious sync format, so is suited for professional recording studio work. This deck is desinged to be used with 10" reels, and runs at 15 IPS

-> More Reel to Reel Decks below! <-

Vintage 1950's and 1960's Vaccum Tube Reel to Reel Recorders and Decks

These decks will be REFURBISHED TO ORDER:
2-8 Weeks Lead Time - The goal with my work: to bring the equipment back as close as possible to original specifications and to provide reliably working condition for decades to come. This takes hours and hours of work time - actually: days of paistaking detail orineted work. Thus prices based on the work time and parts needed (some are quite hard to find! - which again takes time!) to achieve this

goal. Shop time to refurbish equipment to order (applies to ALL units shown in this section!) is in SHORT SUPPLY, so I may not be able to serve you very quickly, especially during late fall, winter and the first two months of the of the new year. Rushing it and vintage audio equipment, or pushing for "discount prices" DO NOT GO TOGETHER! It takes as much time as it takes. If needing to rush: Please buy "AS-IS" or go some place else. Thank you! - I do not compromise on this, as my goal is to provide quality products in every detail.All units shown in below pichture shown currently in original as found likely non working and unrefurbished condition

- Inquire for Details and larger Images
--> Please refer to item nubers and type of unit listed in picture! -> EXAMPLE: " #3 Tube Reel to Reel Deck" <-.

Please note that Reel to Reel tape decks are among the most work intensive items to restore, as mechanics, electronics and alignments have to be perefect and to work perfectly together. Now to make matters even worse in terms of required work time, almost all of these decks shown here are point to point wired circuitry, which takes tremendous time to re-work on top of the above. In restoration work I usually replace ALL capacitors and many of the rubber parts. Due to these large amounts of required work time, these items are only availalable with a restoration order from March through August. All other times please check in with me for a turn around time estimate, which in these times may be 4-16 weeks.
$395 to $1200 ea.
If wishing to purchase any of these items in original "AS FOUND" condition: Please make me an offer high enough at which I absolutely cannot refuse to sell. If wantign to own for lowest possible price, please go someplace else. Not in a hurry to sell. It took years to find these amazing historic specimnes. I prefer to sell to someone who will buy one of these to appreciate and actually USE (fully refurbished) for soulful music for decades to come!

This page is about the soul and beauty that is missing in modern merchandise!
Soul can't be bought with money. Those after money can't really understand that. If you listened and cherrished music that was recorded before 1950 (or ideally even earlier!), you will know exactly what I mean. I have the same passion about these decks and apply it to my work, to get these decks working right - for what ever it takes to do the job right, to get it done right the first time!

The slection of 1950's tube reel to reel decks to be refurbished to order.
All units shown in above pichture shown currently in original as found likely non working and unrefurbished condition

--->>> Please refer to item nubers AND (!) the type of unit listed in picture !
EXAMPLE: #6 Tube Stereo Open Reel Tape Deck.

And: More reel to reel and cassette decks that can be refurbished to order not shwon here are available.

Inquire with the features you need

More Info / Larger Pictures:
(Please refer to item nubers and type of equipment listed in picture)

1. This is unbeleivable: a portable 1950's 2 suitcase professional field recording sertup that was used on location for live recordings - mono of course. This system was made by Berlandt, which later became Concertone (Belrandt made decks be the model / trademark Concertone). Concertone then was bought out by TEAC. A true piece of American History. The transport has 3 motors 5 heads, and is for 10" reels. speeds: 7 1/2 and 15 IPS. Model: BRX - BRX-D Trasnport and BRX-P amplifier. The amplifier case contains: the recording play back tube amplifier (with Mic pre-amp of courcse!), an additional monitor tube amplifier and a vintage Jensen Alnico monitos speaker.
- AVAILABLE - Detail picturs

2. 1950's German made tube reel to reel deck, nono. Finest components, finest quality, nice sound. Consider this if wantign to record the music that you perform in mono with vintage sound. I already did some mechanical work, so the unit basically works, but all capacitors need to be replaced. - AVAILABLE -

3. 1950's Revere USA made Tube Reel to reel recorder. 2 unit stereo. From the days when mono dominated. Thsi unit was meant to be available as mono or stereo when adding the second tube amplifer. Includes original Microphone - AVAILABLE -

4. USA made Magnecord semi professional stereo recording / playback amplifier unit with Microphoen pre-amplifier. Shown hewre open, but I do have the original panes. This unt is perfect for studio applications to brimg warmth ans soul to your digital machinery. If I remeber correctly it is 19" wide. - AVAILABLE -

5. Vintage 1950's Roberts "Stereo " recording rig. The same idea than the above shown Revere unit: Add the second amplifier to get stereo. This unit has a very cool steampunk Military look and the second amplifier probably would make a real nice low power Tube Guitar maplifier. Unit includes original paper work. - AVAILABLE -

6. Here we have the succession of #1: A Stereo vaccum tube Concertone deck. 3 Motors 3 heads. All tube amplified. Built with much more attention to detail than the later TEAC decks, which still are considered among the most rugged.

7. Sweet, very Sweet. One of the sweetest and warmest tube decks around. Stereo. Made in the USA by Voice of Music.

8. A Japanese made tube deck in this section. All tube amplified. Completely separate amplifiers for each chanel - each amplifier chassis contains it's own sub chassis and power supply, which woudl make it ideal to build 2 mono block amplifier form - If that is what you are after: I have another pair of amplifiers from this type of model that I can sell - pleas einquire. This deck: Roberts / AKAI . Modle M8 later revision of the item shown in #5.

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