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- Parts and accesories for UHER portable proffessional tape recorders - Most parts are for models: CR124 and CR 134

UHER parts - all are used.
Most parts are for the CR 134 or 124 portable decks, but some are also for other portable Reel to Reel and cassette decks.

I took these parts out of parts units that I had, and testged them for good quality and to be working - many years ago. As I do not have any machines to test these parts anymore they are sold "

I am happy to answer any questions you might have or to send more detailled immages. Please feel free to contact me

I try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but all parts sold on first come first serve basis.

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Package deal discounts given, when buying several items. You are welcome to make offers as well, but I reserve the right to kindly refuse or ignore your offers, if unreasonable.

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UHER F 112 wired remote control to pause and reverse the unit. $15.00

Motor, UHER w/ control electronics assy. (for CR 124 and CR134 - ALSO: to my knowledge this is the same motor that is used in the “UHER Report“ professional series portable reel to reel decks and some other model cassette decks) 1 available $75.00

Head assemby (for UHER CR 124 and CR134) complete w/ record /play back head + erase head (german made quality 4 track heead!) $150

European Headphone Plug - Würfel Plug. Works witht all UHER EQUIPMENT and other German brands. Imported from Germany. New. $12.00 ea.

4 Track Head, Record/Play Back (for UHER CR 124 and CR134 - German made quality heead!) $95.00

Pinch rollers (for UHER CR 124 and CR134)

Pinch roller assembly
/ w pinchroler (Left side) $ 12.00

Pinch roller assembly / w pinchroler (Right side) $ 12.00

Pinch roller
/ without assembly $ 8.00

TAA 611 / Output Amplifier PC-board
Extremely HARD to FIND!!! - Also used in some UHER Report portable reel to reel decks!

UHER CR 124 / CR134 Output Amplifier PCB (UHER part# 581-4339 - contains 2 TAA611 ea. and other parts) $ 75.00

TAA 611 output amplifier IC (used also in some "Report" portable reel to reel decks - "IC" models.)
$ 35.00 ea

UHER CR134 / CR124 VU-Meters
Picture click here!
0 Available
$30.00 ea.
More non UHER VU-Meters 

UHER CR134 / CR124 Tape Run Direction Indicator meters

2 Available
$20.00 ea.

Volume Control / Recording Level Control PCB
(for UHER CR 124 and CR134)
- includes one 4 layer
potentiometer) and other parts. Potentiometer: 2 x 50 K (record level, stereo) and 2 x 10K with center loudness tab (stereo volume control) - all 4 layers coupled, fully enclosed metal construction with shield pin, German made quality component.

Extremely HARD to FIND!!! $35.00

Connector board - PC Board w/ 3 connector sockets (plugs included as well) and 1 tantalum capacitor and 1 super small resistor
(for UHER CR 124 and CR134)
UHER part # 581-43360/A


Microphone Pre-Amplifier Board (?)
(for UHER CR 124 and CR134)
UHER part # 581 - 43391/C. PCB with 3 transistors , 4 tantalum caps and 3 electrolytic caps + resistors

UHER PCB w/parts (purpose unknown - 4 transistors, 3 tantalum caps, 3 quality audio caps, 1 electroltic, 1 power resistor, 7 resuistors)
for UHER CR 124 and CR134
UHER part # 581- 43391

UHER PCB w/parts (reverse switching / head connector board - contains 2 germanium transistors of the type AC 188)
(for UHER CR 124 and CR134)
UHER part # 381 - 43389/E

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