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Classic Vintage Analog Stereo Receivers


are actually composed of 3 components: A tuner section, a Pre-amplifer section and a power amplifer section. In other words: a receiver is an integrated amplifer with a tuner.

For selecting a receiver one might consider: how many inputs are needed, is a turntable input needed, how much output power and many pairs of speaekrs to be connected to it? How important is radio listening: AM and FM.

Vintage analog reciever are quite a different experience form modern digital equipment in touch and feel, but also in terms of sound.

In the 70's and earlier the "stereo" was one of the main attractions in the living room and nothing was spared to make the finest equipment with the goal to provide the best sound quality and ultimat elistening experience. The more fidelty to the origiunal recording the better. Today's AV receivers are primarily the sound system for video sound. The goal: to provide audio for the visyual effects and so surround sound aimes to add audio effects to sound to furhter enhance the experiencew, which technically speaking is based on time delay between channels and reverberation - or in other words: something is added to sound that was not there before - which is the opposite of "fidelity"! Modern equipment is bsed on digital circuitry to switch and proces the audio signal. The lenghtens the audio's signal path, further taking away form fidelity. The result: an experience that first impresses with it's effects, but tires the listener out after the innitial excitement has passed. I hear the cry from many: "I want my old turntable, reciever and speakers back" Sound was remebered as warm, natural, inspiring. This was because: sound was pure, signal paths were short, and all circuitry used was analog. With this page I hope to bring your old tyme audio equipment back.

SANSUI 1000A Vintage Vacuum Tube Hi-Fi Receiver

Sansui 1000A Tube Stereo Receiver

Features: The 1000A is a pretty luxurious tube receiver. Inputs: 2 Phono inputs; AUX input, Tape Input (head, monitor) Outputs: tape recording outputs, center chanel mono oputput, screw terminals for speakers, selector tswitch for output impedances of 8 / 16 Ohms. Front Panel Elements (Left to Right, top to bottom) Tunig dial section: signal strength meter, FM stereo indicator light, amplifier mono light, amplifer Stereo light, tuning dial; Row of black toggle switches: speakers on/off, presence, High filter, low filter, loudness, tape monitor, FM muting, , FM AFC. Tuning knob; Power switch, head phone jack, Balance control, Bass + Trebble Controls (each has separate section to control L and R separtely), Volume control, MODE switch: stereo reverse, stereo normal, Mono left, Momo right, Mono L+R (This is quite useful for playing vintage mono records or mono reel to reel tapes), BAND SELECTOR: AM sharp, AM broad, FM mono, FM stereo; INPUT SELECTOR: MIC, TAPE HEAD, PHONO 1, PHONO 2, TUNER, AUX. REAR panel elelemnts: Speaker impedance selector switch: 6 / 16 Oms. Phase switch: 0 / 180 degres, Level trimmers: L, R; DIN jack, 2 AC acessoriy outlets.

Description: This vintage Sansui vaccum tube Hi-Fi stereo receiver now is fully restored to reliably working condition and to perform as close as possible to original specifications. In total I must have spent more than 50 hours of work time plus parts on this unit, so at what ever price, it will not be adequate to compensate for the actual time that I put into this unit. Take advantage of this one in a life time opportunity for the unit being available at aprice tag much lower than the actual work time and parts spent, or what it would cost you to have yours restored with the same work that went into this u it. Due to the involved work time versus payment ratio I won't restore another 1000A ever - SO: Get this unit while available! With your purchase I wil be glad to e-mail you a photo of all replaced parts, which are numerous. The 1000A features 7591 output tubes, used in push pull configuration and providse about 35 W RMS per channel. Speaker output impedance of the amplifier section, is selectable between 8 and 16 Ohms.

Tubes: 4x 7591 (Output); 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 6AN8, 1 x 12AU7, Uncounted: 6CW4, 6AQ8, 6BA6, 6AU6, 6BE6, 6BL8. (all together: 18 Tubes)

Condition: Refurbished, Tested in every detail, fully and reliably working. It sounds quite nice. All electrolytic capcitors replaced. All audio signal coupling capacitors replaced / some upgraded. Both channels deliver steady signals without distortion and clear highs. Both channels seem balanced with nice bass and highs. The tuner section fully works as well and receives even weak stations well. The stereo decoder works well. All is in perfect good working order. Physical condition: 9/10.

Work performed to rework this unit: Fist level: restored all controls contacts and switches including the tuning capacitor with quality chemicals. Re-worked each and every tube socket. Replaced all capacitors involved in the entire power supply, Replaced audio signal coupling capacitors (upgraded many with higher quality), Replaced capacitors in other areas of the unit, such as stereo decoder, phono pre-amp. Lubricated meachical parts. Performed several minor repairs, Repaired and aligned FM front end. Full functional test including several measurments: such as phase distortion, output power etc. Physical celaning and detail work (disassembled front panel etx. completely) Other work that I do not remember (such as testing tubes, etc. etc.). Just to mention it: the actual work to restore this receiver exceeds the asking price by far - who would pay me the about $2500 it actually took? So likely I won't restore another 1000A ever again. Grab this one while still available!

Lot: 1 Sansui vaccum tube receiver, fully tubed, as shown and as described above. Can include a print out of the schematic

Price: $1175.00

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Scott Stereomaster
Stereophonic Hi-fi Receiver

Pioneer Analog Stereo Receiver

Detailed Features: Amplifier section: 2 x 15 W (estimated). Terminals for 2 speaker pairs, a front panel high impedance headphone/output jack, 3 inputs: Phono, Extra, Tape; 2 phono settings: high for ceramic cartridge, Low for magnetic cartridge, 3 External inputs: Aux, Tape (with recording output ); Tuner: AM / FM stereo, Tuning Meter, and iluminated tuning dial.Blue stereo indicator light; Switch: "Automatic Stereo";Amplifier section: Blance switch: L, Norm, R; Tape monitor switch: In/Out; Noise filter switch: In/Out, Speaker selection switch: Off, Main, Remote. Controls: Bass, Trebble, Loudness (each has separate sections to control the left and right chanels independantly)

Scott Stereomaster Description: A fine USA crafted piece of fine stereo equipment - Among the finest in it's time, probably made in the med/late 60's. This means: silid state, but still leaning on the technology used for tube equipment, so in it's own class of vintage sound, definitely still reminding on how tube equipment sounded. You will feel and hear the difference to other receivers. The unit is constructed with quality parts and all metal casing. This unit has a nice quality feel to it all around, and nice warm and vintage sound. This early vintage analog stereo receiver will be perfect with vintage record changers that can eithe rprovide a magnetic or a ceramic cartridge. The unit is eficinet enough in output power for ta nice vintage living-room. Don't let this Gem of vintage music experience pass you by!

Condition: Repaired, then Refurbished - flawlessly working in every regard. Only very minor signs of use - looks almost like new. Very very clean and very nice for it's age.

Work performed to present this unit in reliably and nice working condition: Attnended to age related problems, such as intermitteneded signal, tuning frequencies off, etc. De-Oxydized and lubricated all switrches, controls and contacts. re-soldered aged solder points. Checked and tweaked off allignments. Full functional test. Physical Cleaning and detail work.

Lot: 1 HH Scott Stereo Master model 382 stereo Receiver as described and shown above (Will be glad to e-mail larger photos if needed).

Price: $235.00
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Vintage Analog Stereo Receivers with Digital Tuning

Technics SA-460
Stereophonic Hi-Fi Receiver
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"Scottman" Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver
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Detail Features: (as visible at the front and rear panes, left to right, top to bottom): Power ON/OFF button, 6.3mm headphone jack, multiple display section: tuner: displays frequency (LCD, backlight blue), which pre-set and other information, LEDs for which input is selected, a stereo levle meter for the "Stereoplex" function and a yellow LED for if "VCR EQ" is turned on; Controls: (50mm faders) for: Teble, Bass, Balance; Row of input selector push buttons: Tape1/VCR, Tape2, CD/AUX, Tuner, Phono, 70mm fader as volume control (backlight blue); All items in the lower half section of this receiver: FM mode push button for: auto/mono; bandselector push buttons: AM, FM , TV, CATV, "fine" push button for CATV; Tuning push buttons for: UP/DOWN; Lowest row of control elelemnts, etc: Speaker selection push button switches: Main/Remote Off/On; Row of push buttons for: "AM FM random 16 Ch preset tuning": 1/9, 2/10, 3/11, 4/12, 5/13, 6/14, 7/15, 8/16; memory scan push button for: Start/Stop; Push button switches for: VCR Sound EQ On/Off and Stereoplex On/Off; Subsonic On/Off (eliminates rumble form turntable etc.), Loudness On/Off, Mode: Mono/Stereo, Dubbing (front pannle inputs to Tape1/VCR On/Off; Front pannel Input RCA jacks: Video in (yellow) Audio in L, R (white/red) REAR Pannel; Antenna Inputs for: AM, FM (Balanced and un-balanced with ground connector); Antenna conection for TV with RCA type VHF out, sqare 2 pin connector for AM loop antenna to improve AM reception (loop antenna not included - do not have); Audio Inputs: Phono with ground lug, CD/Aux,, Tape2 (Ext) Recording Output (L, R), Playback (L,R); Tape1/VCR: Recording Output (L, R), Playback (L,R) with Video RCA out (yellow); TV MPX RCA jack output; Battery Case for backup batteries, speaker terminals for 2 pairs of spekaers, AC inlet for power cable (powr cable included with reeiver), 1 AC power outlet - unswitched©2008 ultraelectronicactive.com

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Feature Overview:

• "New Class A" amplifier with 2 x 50 W RMS into 8 Ohms..
Phono Input for turntable hook-up
• "Stereoplex" sound enhancer
• 5 sound Inputs: Tape1 / VCR, VCR (audio viadeo) via front pannel, Tape 2, CD/ Aux, Tuner, Phono,
• Headphone Jack.
• Hook up for 2 speaker pairs.
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SA-460 Description: Technics made quality equipment and this circa 1985 stereo AV reciever is no exception. It's main advantage probably can be best described as: very compact for what it delivers, easy to use and great sound. It shall be mentioned that this model is old enough to still have analog switches and real potentiometers (compared to modern remote controled equipment which employs electronic switching etc.) This results in sound quality these old receivers are known for. There is also a "PHONO" input, which allows for hook-up of a vintage turntable. There is a digital tuner section with LCD digital frequency read-out. The amplifier section provides 2 x 50 W RMS into 8 Ohms, but in addition to all of this, the AV features of this receivers include that it has a built-in cable TV and TV tuner. This would allow to get TV sound and feed the video section of the signal (send out via the video connector at "tape 2" to a video / TV monitor. Please keep in mind though that this unit was made in the 80's and that TV has switched to Digital signals since then - thus I did not check recption on the TV / cable TV section. (FM and AM was verified to fully work). There is another AV feature worth mentionng: In the old days many VCRs were mono, so this receiver has switcheable VCR sound EQ and stereoplex functions. These are designed to enhance sound and to "stereoize" it. This stereo enhancing can also be used for other sound sources. And 2 VCRs can be connected to allow to copy audio/vidoe onto the other. This receiver was fully re-worked to provide reliable performance again.

Condition: Electronics - recently overhauled: Unit working perfectly. Nice FM reception and amazing sound! Physically exceelent. Some signs of use but nice in appearance - will be glad to e-mail larger photos!

Work performed To present this unit in reliably working condition: I completely too the entire unit part - board for board and re-soldered aged, brittle, dry etc. solder points on each board, All Pots and switches were cleaned and de-oxed with quality contact cleaner. Replaced lamps and upgraded with LED technology (back light for tuner displat, back light for volume control) Full functional test - OK; detailed physical cleaning and detail work - About 18 hours of labor, plus parts went into the restoration of this unit.
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Lot: 1 Technics SA-460 AV Hi-Fi Stereophonic Receiver as described and shown above.
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Price: $249 The amount of labor spent to refurbish this unit exceeds the asking price by far - It took hours and hours and hours to take the unit apart and to re-solder board by board and upgrade lamps to LED in addition ot the standard restoration work. I beleive this unit is an excellent value for the money.
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