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Vintage Hi-Fi Stereo Receivers:
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Classic Vintage Analog Stereo Receivers


are actually composed of 3 components: A tuner section, a Pre-amplifer section and a power amplifer section. In other words: a receiver is an integrated amplifer with a tuner.

For selecting a receiver one might consider: how many inputs are needed, is a turntable input needed, how much output power and many pairs of speaekrs to be connected to it? How important is radio listening: AM and FM.

Vintage analog reciever are quite a different experience form modern digital equipment in touch and feel, but also in terms of sound.

In the 70's and earlier the "stereo" was one of the main attractions in the living room and nothing was spared to make the finest equipment with the goal to provide the best sound quality and ultimate listening experience. The more fidelty to the origiunal recording the better. Today's AV receivers are primarily the sound system for video sound. The goal: to provide audio for the visyual effects and so surround sound aimes to add audio effects to sound to furhter enhance the experience, which technically speaking is based on time delay between channels and reverberation - or in other words: something is added to sound that was not there before - which is the opposite of "fidelity"! Modern equipment is bsed on digital circuitry to switch and proces the audio signal. The lenghtens the audio's signal path, further taking away form fidelity. The result: an experience that first impresses with it's effects, but tires the listener out after the innitial excitement has passed. I hear the cry from many: "I want my old turntable, reciever and speakers back" Sound was remebered as warm, natural, inspiring. This was because: sound was pure, signal paths were short, and all circuitry used was analog. With this page I hope to bring your old tyme audio equipment back.

SONY Vintage Hi-Fi Stereo Receiver

Sony STR-7065 Stereo Receiver

Features: REAR: Inputs: Phono; AUX , 2 Tape Inputs ( monitor) Outputs: tape recording outputs, Pre-amp out / Power amp in jacks, screw terminals for 3 pairs of speakers, 3 AC power outlets: 2 switched , 1 unswitched. FRONT (top to bottom, left to right): Volume + Balance control, Tuner scale: tuning and center meters. Light indicator for each selected input, light dial popinter, FM stereo light, Tuning knob; Bottom row: Power switch, Headphone jack (1.4") speaker selector switch: C, B, Off, A, A+B, A+C; tone controls: Bass + Trebble ( Each knob has 2 rings to adjust channels separately); FIlter: Low, High Off, Both; Loudness switch, Muting switch; Mode: reverse, stereo, L+R, L, R; Function switch: Aux, Phono, FM, AM, Tape print: 1 to 2, 2 to 1; 2 Tape monitor switches: 1, 2; 2 x 1/4" Mic inputsMic mixing control with Off position.

Description: This SONY is a pretty luxurious receiver that can easily rival Marantz Pioneer and other quality gear. 2 x 60 W, A quality tuner, great sound and rugged construction, plus a bunch of features such as: Mic mixing tape doubing. Pre- and power amp separable with inputs and outputs, capable of managing 3 pairs of speakers. Tone control for each channel separate. The tuner of this receiver has 4 tuned circuits, which is usually only found in top of the line high end gear. I'd say an extreme value for the money!

Condition: Reworked, Tested in every detail, fully and reliably working. It sounds great! Physical condition: 9/10.

Work performed to rework this unit: restored all controls contacts and switches including the tuning capacitor with quality chemicals. Aligned FM front end. Lubricated meachical parts. Full functional test including several measurments: such as phase distortion, output power etc. Physical celaning and detail work Other work that I do not remember

Lot: 1 SONY STR-7065 HiFI Stereo receiver, as shown and as described above.

Price: $375.00

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More Hi-FI Stereo Receivers:

These units will be Refurbished To order:
2-7 Weeks Lead Time - Price Range: Fully restorred typically: $250-$650. The goal with my work: to bring these receivers back to fully working condition. This takes hours and hours and HOURS of paistaking detail orineted work. Thus prices based on the amount of time and parts needed (some are quite hard to find! - which again takes time!) to achieve this goal. Shop time to refurbish equipment to order (applies to ALL units shown in this section!) is in SHORT SUPPLY, so I may not be able to serve you very quickly, especially during late fall, winter and the first two months of the of the new year. Rushing it and vintage audio equipment, or pushing for "discount prices" DO NOT GO TOGETHER! It takes as much time as it takes. If needing to rush: Please buy "AS-IS". Thank you! - I do not compromise on this, as my goal is to provide quality products in every detail.
Inquire for Details and larger Images --> Please refer to item nubers and type of unit listed in picture ! EXAMPLE: "Stereo Receiver # 63 " .

Vintage 70's Stereo Receivers

Excuse the photos: they show the items as found and with defects.
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61. 1980's Technics Sa-424 Stereo Receiver: Digital tuner with analog and digital read out. 2 x 40W Phono, Aux and 2 Tape inputs. Expected price: $245 fully working.

62. 1970's Marantz 2230 Stereo Receiver: 2 x 30 W RMS. Phono, Aux and Tape inputs. Expected price: $525 fully working.

63. 1970's Marantz 2245 Stereo Receiver: 2 x 45 W RMS. Phono, Aux and Tape inputs. Expected price: $625 fully working.

64. 1970's Sony stereo receiver: See listed above.

65. 1970's Luxman R-1050 Stereo Receiver: 2 x 55 W RMS. 2 Phono, Aux and 2 Tape inputs. Expected price: $650 fully working .

66. <not shown!> 1970's Pioneer SX-1010 Stereo Receiver: 2 x 100 W RMS. Pioneers first "Monster" Receiver. 2 Phono, Aux and 2 Tape inputs. Expected price: $950 fully working .

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