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Electro Voive
Model: SP12B Drivers in Wooden Vintage Cabinets

HJ.Leak and Co. Ltd - Sandwich Loudspeaker
Vintage Studio Monitors

Vintage electrovoice Hi-Fi Speakers

Leak Sanwhich Loudspeakers - Vintage Studio Monitors

Description: Here we have a pair of vintage (early!) Electrovice SP12B Hi-Fi drivers in their original late 50's early 60's Bass reflex cabinet. The SP12B is a full range Hi-Fi speaker with whizzard cone tweeter characterized by it's linear frequency range and great sensistivity for detail. The drivers are 12" and the early truely vintage and rare version of this speaker. For sale either as a pair of drivers, as complete speakers, or the cabinets alone. The cabinet appears to be crafted by a precision crafts man. The drivers are in near mint and all original condition and the dust cap contains a imprinted golden EV logo. The cabinets are in excellent condition. Many people consider these the EV SP12B as heir favorite vintage speakers.

Ampex Power Chords
Will work for other equipment as well.

$12.50 each.

For the rounded 2 pin AC connector as shown above - used in Ampex 1250 RtR machines, or 620 + 2010 speakers and other Ampex gear. Used, tested, compatible, type and color may varry. Check above picture for type you need. Dimensions: The pins of the power connector are 7/16" apart (measured center to center.)

More odd, hard to find or obsolete Power chords / AC cables

Features: 12" 16 Ohm drivers, large bass reflex cabinet internally dampened..

Dimensions: (Cabinets): 23" (W) x 15 1/4" (D) x 31" (H)

Lots - availalbe as either / or:

A) 2 Electrovoice SP-12B vintage drivers in all original near mint condition.
Lot A:
Price: $299.00

B) 2 Complete Speakers containing the Electrovoice SP-12B vintage drivers
Lot B:
Price: $325.00; LOCAL PICKUP SPECIAL: Come an pick these up in person at my door, USA, northern CA, Chico area (no packing / shipping on my end! ) $275.00 FOR THE PAIR! (if too far to drive: check into uship.com!)

C) 2 Speaker cabints, internally dampened with , bass reflex design ready for 12" drivers - cabinets only w/o speakers Lot C: Price: $195.00; LOCAL PICKUP SPECIAL: Come an pick these up in person at my door, USA, northern CA, Chico area (no packing / shipping on my end! -Any services other than to open the door and hand you the speakers at additional cost! ) $99.00 FOR THE PAIR! (if too far to drive: check into uship.com!)


Description: With the "Sandwich" Loudspeaker (circa 1960) H.J. Leak and CO LTD. had considerable sucess in revolutionizing loudspeaker design in the industry by innovating cone materials to produce cone stiffness 200 times greater than conventional paper cones. The resulting cone movement follows the waveform of the incoming signal with great accurately for most detailled sound reproduction.

The "Sandwich" loudspeaker received it’s name due to its diaphragm, which was made from a thick section of expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two outer layers of aluminium.

The Sandwich loudspeaker had considerable success in the professional audio industry, where it was used extensively, and in aplications where listening is critical.

H. J. LEAK & CO. LTD. is Brithish Company out of London, which designed and manufactured specialised audio electronic instruments for the communications industriy. Leak is known for truely professional audio products of the highest quality.

Features: This model Sandwich loudspeaker is a two-way acoustic suspension system with a 13-inch woofer and a 3 inch tweeter (approximatly), which is crossed over at 900 Hz. The speaker cabinet is damped and sealed at a volume of approximatley 2 cubic feet. The cabinet walls are very heavily damped as well, acording to the sandwhich principle with a thick bituminous lining. The magnet of the woofer is rigidly attached to the rear wall of the cabinet for increasied cabinet rigidity.

Dimensions: (aprox.): 26" x 16" x 11.5"

Condition: The outer cabinets show scratches and dings. The speaker drivers appear in goond condition. Units will be tested as there is interest - please inquire. Overall condition: good (defintely better than fair!)

Lot: 4 Units avilable. Sold in Pairs

Price: $ 125.00 each speaker; LOCAL PICKUP SPECIAL - SHORT TIME OFFER ONLY : Come and pick these up in person at my door, USA, northern CA, Chico area (no packing / shipping on my end! -Any services other than to open the door and hand you the speakers at additional cost! ) $125.00 for the PAIR!!! (if too far to drive: check into uship.com!)

Buy - or request more information
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

60's Fold-Up Portable Speakers
- Vintage Pair in unused near mint condition!


BOSE 2.2
US made Hi-Fi Speakers

Bose Room Mates Active Amplifier Monitors / PA Speakers

Comercial 70V Foreground Music Speaker System
Quam Model: FM 6X1/70
- Weather Resistant

15" 8 Ohm Speaker

Columbia - Portable Speaker
- Vintage 50's Tolex covered Speaker

50's Columbia Portabel Speaker

60's fold-Up Speakers - Description: Thise is a suitcase type device that separates into 2 portable speakers, of which each has it's own rubber feet and 3 speaker 2-Way speaker system. The manufacturer is unknown unless you recognize above shown logo in th ecenter of the picture. The cases are wooden, tolex covered - whcih is green-beige and matte black. These speakers probably wer made in the early to mis 60's Each speker contains a 5" woofer and 2 3" tweeters. The sound of these sepkers appears quite linear in the mid range with not too much bass. This coul dserver to extend th emid range of typical Hi-Fi speakers, to use for a microphone PA, or turn into guitar speaker cabinets if the tweeters are disabeled. These coudl also wok well with vintage stereo record players or Stereo Reel to Reel Decks. Each speaker has an estimated 12' chord (still coiled up as suppllied by the factory) and a 1/4" type plug. A very vintage feel and look - a gool piece of gear to have at a great price!

Condition: Both speakers pass a sine wave power sweep test. These speakers appear unused and are in near mint condition. There are still the silica moisture obsorbing bags supplied by the factory are still in the speaker cable compartment.,
Features / Specifications: these measure at about 8 Ohms/DC which probably translates to abotu an 10 Ohm impedance. Power handling is estimted to be 10W each.

Tone: Lineas mid rangy with not much bass - truely vintage sound!

Lot: 2 portable speakers forming one suitcase as described above.

Price: $55 for the pair.

Buy Inquire about larger Images

Columbia Portable Speaker Description: This is a vintage suitcase type US made portable speaker that likely was part of a "Hi-Fi Stereo" portable record player as it provides a compartment cut to fit the size of 45 RPM singles. This portable speaker has 2 vintage US made speakers mounted in it: An oval wooofer and a 4" tweeter.Use this unit as an additional speaker or craft your own guitar amplifier: THere is ample of room to mount an amplifier - the smaller strip would make a great place to mount amplifier controls. The lid of this suitcase woudl also work great for guitar amplifier tonal control as when opened it provides a mid rangy sound and whne cloding th efrequency shifts towards the lower basss.

Features: • 2 Vintage Alnico speakers"

Condition: Speakers working perfectly; Case: Minor signs of age and usage but overall quite clean! Thi sunit has also a nice 50's speckly type tolex. If for nothing else - this unit is great for looks!

Lot: 1 portabel suitcase speaker as described above. Has an about 20 ' Speaker cable attached - so it is ready to plug and play!

Price: $65.00

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R-46B Speaker cabinet

Bose Room Mates Active Amplifier Monitors / PA Speakers

Description: Halicrafters manufactured HAM radio equipment and this is a systmespeaker form the 50's. This is great cabinet to build a guitar amp or to turn into an extra cabinet by mounting an appropriate 10" guitar speaker in this enclosure. It sounds very nice!
Condition: Case very clean with signs of use (9 ot of 10) - Currently a vintage 10" speaker mounted which' s voice coil slightly rattles.
Price: $75.00 Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Description: BOSE is a company that manufactures quality equipment in products are made in the USA. Tthese speakers are no exeption. Frequency response is linear. The sound is transparent and these speakers produce a good amount of bass, this is especially remarkable for the wooofer size! just to mention it: the smallet th ewoofer the mre true it is to th ewaveform as less physical mass is moved.
Bose speakers are known for their clarity in sound. These speakers are perfect as bookshelf speakers due to their small size, but are also great in surround sound systems. Get nice sounding quality speakers at an affordable price!
The woofers of these speakers feature a fabric surround, which is not affected by the usual degradation in surround foam material as in other other speakers of simmilar age - so there is gret life expetancy! These speakers work perfectly

Features: 2 Way speaker system with long excursion 6" woofer and 2" fluid cooled tweeter. Power handling: 10 - 75 watts per channel - 60 watts RMS continuous

Condition: working perfectly - sound like Bose speakers should sound. Good physical cond; some signs of use such as a couple of small holes in the speaker fabric of one speaker, but no major physical damage (Photos shows the actual items - as with all photos on my web site! I am happy to e-mail you larger pictures of these items as well!) , Clean. Overall physical condition: 8/10.

Dimensions: 14 3/4" (L) x 7 1/2" (D) x 10" (H)

Lot: 1 pair of Bose 2.2 Speakers with speaker grilles.

Price: $49.00 for the pair.

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

More Hi-Fi speakers of simmilar size and quality

Description: The Quam model FM6X1/70 speakers are Pro-sound foreground loudspeaker systems for comercial sound installations and for quality music applications. These speakers are weather resistant and designed to provide excellent sound quality in an attractive and rugged ABS ported plastic enclosure. A low profile mount is included with each unit, to allow precise positioning.

• 70V inputs with 6 different wattage level settings for local volume control.
• 2-Way design, implementing quality drivers: one 127 mm Polypropylene Woofer and one 35 mm Dome Tweeter 
• Surface Mount swivel brakets included
• Twenty watts RMS power handling (EIA- 426A) at 70.7 volt line level
• Six position tap selector switch on back allows quick wattage adjustments

Condition: Really clean - looks like new, works well.

Lot: 2 Quam model FM6X1/70 speakers - 70V line compatible. As an option: For operation on 4 / 8 Ohm amplifiers I can modify these speakers to provide a toggle switch to select either 70V or 4/8 Ohm operation.

Price: $65.00 ( for 70V, only )
$125.00 (modified for switchable 4/8 Ohm or 70V operation)

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Quam FM6X1/70 Speakers
- Design Specifications

- Exerpt - Source : Quam Web Site.

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MIDI Filter

MIDI Drums

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Vintage 4" Alnico Speakers Great Condition! - A perfect replacement!

Wurlitzer E-Piano Speakers
8" - 6 Ohms - Part # 7980

1967 Vintage 12" 8 Ohm US made Organ / Guitar Speakers
- Matched Pair

Vintage 20's / 30's high impedance Magnavox Speaker - 3 K-Ohms!

12" Jensen Organ Speakers

Description: These types of 4" speakers were used in quite a variey of equipment made in the 50's and 60's. You will find them in tube record players and radios, but I beleive there were also a couple of small tube guitar amplifiers that used them. Theese feature Alnico magnets and paper cones with felt dust cover for that truely vintage sound. If my EIA code does not deceive me, these were made by Fisher Speakers. The numbers printed on back of the magnet read: "2150 1056 A815". The number printed on back of the cone reads: 6862

Condition: Near Mint, veryy clean - look like new! - perfectly working. I have 6 of these.

Dimensions / Measurements: exactly 4", if measuring edge to edge of the cardboard ring (mounting gasket) that is attached to the cone (see top image).
Mounting holes are 3 5/15" apart, if measuring center to center of the mounting holes and in parallel to the basket's square edges (in other words: not across the center of the cone)

Features: Size: 4", Impedanc:e 8 Ohms* (* = speakers read slightly higher than 8 Ohm speakers - so these could be 12 or 16 Ohms)

Lot: 1 vintage 4" speaker, each; I have 6 of these.

Price: $ 14.00, each, or: $ 25.00 for 2


15" 8 Ohm Speaker

Description: These vintage Wurlitzer speakers came out of a rare Wurlitzer 700 Guitar amplifier cabinet, but are also known to be used in Wurlitzer external E-Piano amplifer cabinets. I don't know the exact model number of units that used these, but I have heared there were several models in the style of the famous 200A that used these. I have seen the same type of speaker used in Allen Organ Tone Cabinets as well.

These original numbers at the basket are: 7980-6OHMS and 137 707. The golden sticker of the back of the Magnet says: This Speaker Custom designed for Wurlitzer". Compared to other vintage equipment it appears that these speakers were made in 1967 the USA by CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply), but these look quite a lot like vintage Magnavox seakers as well - I am confused.

The sticker on the magnet of the speaker says: “This speaker custom designed for WURLITZER Elkhart Indiana. U.S.A."

Condition: Speakers pass a sine wave power sweep test. The speakers are clean and in perfect condition. No dents, tears, gouges, rust etc - Perfect! When hooked up to a low powered 1W amplifier these developed and amazing tone and loudness, which leads to believe that these are quite high efficient speakers. Thes are great guitar speakers as well!

Lot: 1 each 8" 6 Ohm Wurlitzer speaker as described above. ( 8 availalbe)

Price: $45.00 each.

Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Vintage Olson
Tweeter - Model 257

15" 8 Ohm Speaker

Description: A vintage tweeter from the early 60's - complete to simply be hooked up to any speaker to improve high frequrncy response - includes frequncy network cap as shown.

Condition: used, working.

Lot: 1 tweter as shown.

Price: $12.00 Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Larger Images

Description: Thise matched pair of Vintage 2" Guitar / Organ speakers were made in spring of 1967 likely by Quam/Nicolson in the USA. These are Organ speakers perfect for guitarto achieve the "vintage alnico sound".

These original numbers are printed on both speaker's magnets (numbers match on both speakers): P6714 and 270124, stamped at the basket: "IEST7"

I am selling these cheap, as they unfortunately were victim to a "cat attack" both speakers still work without distortion, by will need repair on their cones before they can be used, which can be fairly easily acomplished by means of using a strong bonding glue and a piece of thin cardboard or heavy construction paper on the other speaker.

Condition: Speaker 1 (right) had 1 tear in the cone, the other speaker (left) has cone material knocked out by cat claws and a tear as shown. Both speakers pass a sine wave sweep test at low power ratings - so cones can be repaired to make a usable pair of speaker scheap!

Features / Specifications: 8 Ohms, likely power handling capacity of 20 W - the amplifier that drove them had 2 x 6V6 Output tubes.

Lot: 2 12" vintage original speakers as described above.

Price: $35 for the pair.

Buy Larger Images


Description: This speaker is a relic from the beginning days of audio. This speaker operates by transferrign vibration from a wir eto the cone and produces the original tinny vintage sound. It is designed to be hokked directly into the plate current of vaccum tubes. Perfect for that vintage radio or tube theremin. If has a great embossed magnavox lion emboss on it's rear. A rare find get it while it is still availalbe! Speaker size: 7"

Condition: scratche sand signs of use. The cone has a few hole spunced into ti but works.

Lot: 1 Vintage "MAGNAVOX" Speaker

Price: $39.00 Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

4" Vintage 50's Tweeters
8 Ohms

15" 8 Ohm Speaker

Description: 4", 8 Ohms. This came out of a vintage tube amplified 50's Silvertone console type stereo. Number printed on back: C33-465-43 74007648-7 918 116. Number printed on cone (back): 234221. Each tweeter includes a mounted 4 uF 50V capacitor - direct hook-up possible. The cones are those of a tweeter. For other 4" vintage speakers see above.

Condition: Really clean - look like new, works well. - Therese were mounted protected by 8" speakers whci were mounted arround them. These tweeters are mint - really clean.

Lot: 2 4" 8 Ohm Tweeters

Price: $25.00 for the pair Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

3" Vintage 50's Tweeters
16 Ohms
3" Vintage Tweeters

Description: 3", 16 Ohms. This came out of a vintage 50's 2 way Hi-Fi Speaker system which was not labelled but possibly could be KLH - th ecabinets looked very much like it. Number printed on back: 10-03:57. The frequency net workt for these tweeters consited of a Sprague 5 uF 150 V capacitor switched in series.

Condition: Really clean - look like new, work well.

Lot: 2 3" 16 Ohm Tweeters

Price: $20.00 each, or $29.00 for the pair Buy
Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal.

Also available: Vintage Tube Amp Repair, Restoration and Modification

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