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Vintage Hard to Find Parts for Vaccum Tube and Other Vintage Equipment:
On this Page: Transforers / Chokes, Vintage Audio Knobs, VU- Meters and other Meters, Tape Counters, DC - Motors, Power Switches, Signal Switches, Time Delay Relays VIntage Power Chords, XLR-Cables/Adapters,

International Orders: E-Mail Me FIRST or delay! - Reason: Shipping Charges Inacurate!


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These vintage knobs are available:

Hard to find Vintage Stereo Knobs
Larger Image
Hard to find Vintage Knobs


Knob dimensions + descriptions (please inquire - will add data as time permits ):

#6 = 37 mm x 17 mm - for 6mm round shaft - set screw - thick alluminum, inner core plastic $30.00

#8 is solid care alluminum with a set screw, surface texture is brushed and will fit 6mm shaft (about 7/32") - can be drilled out if needing it wider - solid core body, 7/8" diameter, 1/2" height - price $30
#9 = European knob: 11 mm x 9 mm for 4mm round shaft - drill out to needed size - as solid core alluminum - $25.00
#14 = SONY knob: is a brushed aluminum cup shape (2 mm thicjk aluminum) with a plastic center insert. 30 mm (diameter) x 28 mm (height) It is designed to fit a 5 mm knurled shaft, which needs to extend out about 2.5 mm from the mounting plate of your potentiometer / shaft mounting. The lower portion of the inside is wider and would fit about a 7mm shaft, which would need to extend out about 15 mm from the face plate. This means: if the shaft of the potentiometer of your amplifier extends out only about 15mm, that you will have to wrap it, so that it will fit the larger hole. There is no set screw. This knob is $25.00

#17 = 10 x 11 for 6 mm shaft - push on type for knurled shaft @ fine pitch - $6.00
#20 = 7 mm x 8 mm - sloted for push switch mounting - drill out? (sold plasitc material inner core) $7.00 ea.
#27 Solid body alluminum w/ set screw, fits 6mm shaft (about 7/32"), 1 1/4" diameter, 1/2" height without the black plate, which will add about 1/32", Price $30
#33 Marantz 22XX series funcrion push button - I have 6 of these, but also 1 of the shorter power switch knobs
#34 Marantz 22XX series volume, tone control, ballance, selector knob
#35 AKAI X-Field track selectror knob from X1800SD fits many Akai models
#36 Function knob from vintage TEAC tape deck, solid alluminum
#37A Inner knob from AKAI X-1800SD, solid alluminum
#37B Outer knob from AKAI X-1800SD, solid alluminum
#38 function knob from VOM Courrir reel deck, plastic
#39 Knob from Mutronics Phaser II - SOLD!! - Other Mutron Phaser II Parts
#40 Function lever from AKAI X-1800SD, solid alluminum SOLD OUT !!
#41 Chanel selectrot lever from AKAI X-1800SD, solid alluminum
#42 Vintage early 60's plastic knob with alluminum top

More than 300 Types of Vintage Knobs available here

These Knobs are typically $20-$55 ea., but are deeply discounted if purchasing more than one item. For example: most orders of 3 knobs often will be $45, plus $5.35 for postal service shipping within the USA, or $12.00 for international priority mail shipping.

- Click for more info / full size image

More thna 300 typs of Hard to Find Vintage Knobs

For inquiries / correspondence,
please refer to the coordinates in the images
A through L - Rows: 1 through 12
(For example: Knobs in
G 7, 8).

Detail Images (This link allows to look at details of each knob at highest resolution, but makes it difficult to find a specific knob.)

Inquire for these Knobs

I have Output Transformers, Interstage Transformers, Chokes and Power Transformers.

As time permits I will list these items in detail. Below picture shows all available transformers.

Vintage Transformers form Vaccum Tube Equipment
1 availalbe and in stock each, unless marked otherwise - DO NOT oder more than available! Not listed simply means I have not gotten around to it yet! Please Inquire

#5 = 2 Thordarson 20C53 power choke: 12HY 80 mA DC 375 Ohms, standard transformer type chokes in original Box NOS $25.00 ea.

#5 B = 1 Thordarson 21F09 filament transformer: IN: 117V AC - OUT: 6.3V CT @ 1.2A in original Box (same box as #5) NOS $20.00 ea.

#6 SOLD! 2 of Triad HSM-307 power choke: 15 HY 125 mA, 185 Ohms, up to 1070V
#7 =SOLD!
#8 = Triad P-3A Plate Transformer (MFG by Triad, Los Angelis California) Pri: 115 V 50/60 CPS, Secondaries: 300 VCT 300 mA or 600V CT 300 mA and 5V 4Amps. Marked on transformer: "Current value in DC for Choke input" $65.00

#10 = 1 Hewlett Packard 9100-0050 Powr Transforer. Says: "Made by PAECO 4035; Pulled form a vintage HP RMS AC tube amplified mili voltmeter. (used quite a few tubes)
#11 2 Power Chokes: Made by Chicago Standard Transformer Corporation TF1A04YV / or Audio Development Co A8482. Specs: 4 HY 0.35 A 55 Ohm DC resistance, Max V. W. 540. One has date stamp: MAY 9 1955. Both came out the same model of equipment, but each appears to have been manufactured by different compaines to the identical specifications. Slight varinaces in appearance - $45.00 ea.
OR: $80.00 for both

#12 = 1 Power Choke TF4RX04YY, Manufactured by ADC, part number: A14514 (5950-053-7989), 15 HYS @ 75V, 90 - 900 CPS, .070 ADC, 100 Ohms DC rEsistance, 175 WV,, Max ALT 10KFT. NOS in original wrapper. $30.00

#15 = Power transformer - will power amps with: 7591, 6L6; $ 60.00
#16 = 2 Sansui Tube Output transformer from Model 1000A vaccum tube receiver. Driven by a pair of 7591 tubes each chanel, compatible with: 7868, 6L6's; dual output impedances: 8 and 16 Ohms output impedance, $ 85.00 1 Transformer available: Order @ 85.00

#21 = SOLD!
#35 = Power Transformer (no picture yet, but inquire and I will take one), perfect for Tube Amplfiers, came from late 40's / early 50s radio console with separate pre-amp / power amp. The brand name / model number of this console was: Capehart Panamuse. This unit had the following tubes (powered by this transformer): 4 x 6V6, 2 x 5Z3, 6C5, 6F6, 6J6, 6U5, 6K8, 2 x 6K7, 6H5. The transformer has the following windings: BLK/BLK: 110V IN, RED/RED/BLK 725V CT (365V each winding), YEL/YEL Rectifier heater (2 x 5Z3) @ 5V AC, BRN/BRN 6.3V AC heater for all radio tubes (6J5, 6U6, 6K8, 6K7, 6K7, 6H6), GRN/GRN 6.3V heater form amp/pre-amp tubes: 4x 6V6, 6C5, 6F6, The perfect power transformer to build your own stereo amplifier! Dimensions: H 4 3/4" D 4 1/4" W 4", Weight: 10 lbs (netto - without packing materials!) $55.00

#36 = Block of 6 Audio oscillator tone generation transformers from Baldwin organ

If any specific transformer in above picture is of interest, e-mail me about which one, and I will get you the specifics.

I don't really have any output trasnformers for guitar amplifiers, but here the place where I buy then, when I need them: http://www.hoffmanamps.com/

More information added as time allows - Check back for more items listed on this page!

Vaccum Tubes Obsolete Repair Parts Organs - Tube Reel to Reel Decks Synthesizers, Samplers + Vintage Keys Effect Procesors Turn Tables

Here an excerpt of vintage power switches removed from stereo equipment, that are available:

As time permits I will list these items in greater detail. Below picture shows some of the availalbe switches

Vintage Hard to find Power Switches

These switches came out of various vntage equipment from the 70's and 80's, including Marantz, Sansui, Sony receivers and amplifiers. Switches are $35.00 ea.

If any specific switch in above picture is of interest, inquire about which one, and I will get you the specifics. Inquire

Here an excerpt of vintage switches from stereo equipment, that are available:

As time permits I will list these items in greater detail. Below picture shows all some of the availalbe switch assemblies, which also can be taken apart to substitute a single switch.

Vintage Hard to find Switches

These switches came out of various vntage equipment from the 70's and 80's, including Marantz, Sansui, Sony receivers and amplifiers. Switch types can be removed from assemblies to replace a broken off or otherwise defective switch. Most parts of this type are $25 ea. (volume discounts if more than 1 item is purchased.)

If any specific switch in above picture is of interest, e-mail me about which one, and I will get you the specifics. Inquire

- Check Our TEST Equipment - HERE! -

Vintage Test Equipment - Click here!

- Check Our TEST Equipment - HERE! -

These vintage speed regulated DC motors are available:

ONE OF A KIND ITEMS - Please: Order only up to quantity on hand as indicated

Regulated DC Motors

Type Description All motors shown here have speed regulation circuitry and a speed adjustment trim pot. These operate stable even if supply voltage changes to some degree - thus supply voltage does not have to be exact, but should be within reasonable range (+/- 2V).
Qty. Avail *2 Price, EACH
1 12V DC Motor, Clock Wise (CW), Now Old Stock (NOS), 2400 RPM
2 $39.00 ea.
2 12V DC Motor, Counter Clock Wise (CCW), DUAL SPEED, Now Old Stock (NOS), 1600/3200 RPM
1 $48.00
3 9V DC Motor, Counter Clock Wise (CCW), Used, 2400 RPM
1 $30.00
4 6V DC Motor, Counter Clock Wise (CCW), Used, RPM unknown, case small
1 $25.00
5 6V DC Motor, Clock Wise (CW), Used, RPM unknown
1 $25.00
6 6V DC Motor, SANYO, Clock Wise (CW), Used, RPM unknown
1 $25.00
7 12V DC Motor, Counter Clock Wise (CCW), used, RPM unknown
1 $20.00

All pulleys are selected to fit above motors. $5.00 ea. Order by letter as shown in picture. Only 1 available each! Will note here which have sold. Currently available: All - None have sold.
1 ea. $5.00

*2 = amount of motors in stock - maximum amount that can be ordered - payment for unavailable items will be refunded. please order carefully: All items are one of a kind vintage items and can be only shipped in quantities on hand

For questions, please Inquire

These Vintage VU-Meters, Volt Meters, Ammeters and LED Bargraph Meters are availalbe:

As time permits I will list these items in greater detail. Below picture shows all available meters.

Vintage Hard to find VU Meters

Larger Hi-Resolution Picture of above Meters

Details (sold individually or in pairs - inquire for more detailed info, larger pictures and prices if not provided - will add more info, as time permits):

LOOKING for a ready to use VU-Meter Module? Find it HERE!

#1. 1 Hickok S-49M 150V AC Voltmeter
#2. 2 Hewlett Packard RMS Volt meters - IMV 600 Ohms - scale: 0-1.0V RMS and -10 - +2 dB (Mfg. date: 1962) $55.00 each or $95 for the pair.
#3. 1 Westinghouse Ammeter 0-9 A (AC?) Type: CAY-22239-A says: "Radio Frequency" (item location: round at the left edge of above image.

#4. SOLD! more: HERE!

#5. SOLD! more: HERE!

#6. Meter assembly 4 VU meters -25 to +3 db from Sansui quadraphonic receiver - includes the 4 chanel meter electronics with calibration trimpots and fuse lamp type illumination

#7. SOLD! more: HERE!

#8. 1 Haydon Elapsed Time Counter / Indicator - 4 hour counting digits plus one tenth of an hour hour digid (red), plus a tiny window that shows a progress wheel with red dots; 110V AC 60 Hz 2.5 Watts; tested appears to be working. It appears that the unit probably was made in the late 40's or early 50's. It does not have a reset button, but it appears that it can be taken apart if one wishes to take the counter out and wind it manually back to zero. Price $30

#18. 1 VU / Power meter from AKAI X-1800SD Open Reel Tape Deck. Dual meter for 2 chanels in one enclusure - horizontal orientation. -20 to +3 dB and power meters up to about 8 Watts. For square cut-out: 1 3/4" x 1 3/8" (= cut-out size). The same type of meter is also used in some SONY reel to reel decks and some vintage Philips equipment. Price $35.00 ea. 2 avail.. Almost all other parts avaiable for AKAI X-1800SD - Please Inquire
#19. Vintage Simpson AC Voltmeters; 25V AC. For top panel mounting; round cut-out plus 4 mounting screws - 2 avail.

Not Shown: 2 Track direction indicator meter from UHENR CR124 / CR 134 portable cassette decks (not shown.) More UHER PARTS!

#9. through #17.: Various LED bargraph meters up to 12 digits from various equipment including: SONY, Sharp, etc.

If any specific meter in above picture is of interest, e-mail me about which one, and I will get you the specifics. Inquire

Obsolte Power Chords, XLR - Cables and Vintage Connectoes have MOVED!

Multi-Application Programmable Time Delay Relays:
Potter & Brumfield / Tyson Electronics - CNS series: CNS-35-96DPDT

Programmable Time Relais

These are brand new never used timed relays. These can be programmed for various functions and their timing ranges can be pre-programmed via DIP switches. The timing within the programmed range can be adjusted with a potentiometer. These were for a project that was canceled - My loss your gain. 4 Available. The current street price for these is: $79.05 ea. - selling for $60.00 ea.

Specifications (excerpt from detialed catalog description): • Contact load: 10A, • Voltage: 24-240 VAC/VDC • 8 programmable timing modes • 0.1 seconds to 100 minutes programmable timing range • DIP switch selection of timing mode and range • Knob and dial scale for setting actual delay time • Timing Ranges: 01 to 1 second / 1 to 10 seconds / 10 to 100 seconds / 0.1 to 1 minute / 1 to 10 minutes / 10 to 100 minutes • Timing Adjustment: knob adjustable within selected range • Tolerance: 0 to 20% of max. specified at high end of timing range; minimum specified or less at low end • Reset Time (power interruption): 45ms typical; 60ms maximum • Minimum Pulse Width, Control: 50ms • Recycle Time: 45ms typical; 60ms maximum • Contact Arrangement: DPDT • Contact Material: Silver-Cadmium Oxide Alloy • Contact Rating: 10A@30VDC or 277VAC resistive • Expected Mechanical Life: 10 million operations • Expected Electrical Life: 100,000 operation minimum @ rated load • Initial Dielectric Strength Between Open Contacts: 1,000Vrms, 60Hz • Initial Dielectric Strength Between All Other Conductors: 1,500Vrms, 60Hz • Universal Input Model • Input Voltage: 24 - 240VAC/VDC • Timing Functions: 8 • 11-pin Octal • Power Requirements: 10VA@240VAC; 5VA@120VAC; 11VA@24VAC; 10W@240VDC; 5W@120VDC; 11W@24VDC • Transient Protection: Yes • Reverse Voltage Protection: Yes • Beige plastic 1/16 DIN case

- More detailled spec sheet avaialble!

Buy Secure and Easy Payment through Paypal and other payment methods avaialbe.

More Knobs: Marantz Knobs Vintage VU and other Meters Obsolete Repair Parts Vaccum Tubes Organs - Tube Reel to Reel Decks Synthesizers, Samplers + Vintage Keys Effect Procesors Turn Tables

Here vintage tape counters removed from vintage reel to reel and cassette decks:

As time permits I will list these items in greater detail. Below picture shows all of the available counters.

Vintage Hard to find Tape Counters

These counters came out of various vntage equipment from the 50's through 80's. #1 through #4 came form reel to reel decks, #5 though #15 came from cassette decks. Sometimes counters are simmilar enough so that another can be used or modifed to fit Counters are $30.00 ea - You pick. Larger Image

If any specific counter in above picture is of interest, e-mail me about which one, and I will get you the specifics, but I do not remeber which machines they came out of. Inquire

#6 + #9 have a rotating magnet to comunicate with a reed switch for tape run sensing applications.
#7 has a zero electrcial contact swtich, which closes when the counter reaches zero.
#8 has a zero sensing electrcial contacts, which close when the counter reaches zero.
#11 is side driven which is differnet form all oher counters, of which most are bottom driven and 2 are top driven.
#7 + #9 require an external push button to press against the reset plate.

Obsolte Power Chords, XLR - Cables and Vintage Connectoes have MOVED!

Hard to find Audio Potentiometers:

These 250K Ohm potentiometers are used in vintage audio equipment. They feature audio tapers with a center loudness tabs and are double layered. These are labeled as: B250K, but measure in about the 200K Ohm range.

Vintage Hard to find Potentiometer 250KAX2

$18.00 ea.

Inquire about other potentiometers form vintage audio equipment. PLEASE provide size, value and type information (mono, stereo, 4 layer; wiht ot without loudness tab at what position, shaft lenght and diameter, etc., etc. The model number of your equipment does not help me much! Please note: assited parts purchase that require me to search and send pictures are $35 fo rthe first part and volume discounts apply when more than one part is ordered.

Buy Top All Audio Equpment

For any vintage parts inquiry
-> please READ ALL

The reality about parts for vintage audio equipment that has not been made for decades in more than 95% of cases is:


Often I have to be very creative: pull used parts form similar equipment, custom modify, or even custom fabricate from scratch.

Thus: forget manufacturer replacment part numbers. Foremost I need ONE (only one please!) detail PHOTO form you, for each part that you need - plus the details form below (1-5)!

The correspondence for finding the right part for you takes a lot of time! To be exact: my work time that I need to bill for at my regular shop rate, as time spent answering parts inquiries is time not spent on my work bench. Thus: $30 minimum for the first part.
So: If you can find the needed part some place elese, please by all means do all you can, to do so! And: BEFORE contacting me!
I offer service for hard to find parts inquiries only, because: I myself know first hand how frustrating it is, not to be able to find them, and I need to bill for my time. Other than that: Glad to help!

CUSTOM ORDER ITEMS, that is anything that requires direct interaction - are $30 minimum for the first item. No parts inquiries answered over the telephone -> submit by e-mail only! AND: Custom Order Parts
not returnable and without any Warranty.

To Purchase / Inquire about Parts please provide:

1) One detail PHOTO for each part that you need:
-> SHOOT in macro mode, so that the camera will focus properly!
2) Please re-size the image in your camera to the smallest image size or use an image editing program for a file size smaller than 100 Kb, or I will not be able to review - No response!
3) Any additional descriptive information, such as: 3A): what the part is, what it's function is - where (e.g. in the cirsuit) AND how it is used; 3B): values (example: capacitors, potentiometers, transformers, semi conductors, etc: K Ohms, uF , voltages, current requirements, etc. AND: physical dimensions (in inches or millimeters) - especially important for belts! 3D): type: for example "square" or "round"
4) Equipment type (e.g. "table top radio"), Brand name, model number, year manufactured, etc. for your equipment
5) Please care to include your ship-to ZIP code for accurate shipping costs.

Example: Photo +“I need a 250 K linear stereo balance potentiometer with an 8 mm knurled shaft, 24 mm mounting depth, with solder lugs and center loudness tabs for a Marantz 2226b Hi-Fi stereo receiver made in 1976 - Shipping to Chico, CA 95926, USA”

No parts inquiries answered over the telephone.

In response to your photo AND complete inquiry information
->submit items 1 through 5 above, or I iwll have to bill $25, before I can respond! )
I will e-mail you one photo of parts that potentially may work, to offer purchase options, or for discussion if nothing closely matching is available - BUT: After sending you the first photo / e-mail, I require a non refundable $25 deposit to compensate for my work time, before further materials can be e-mailed to you.

NOTE: Due to the nature of obsolete vintage audio equipment and it’s obsolete parts: There are NO WARRANTIES expressed or implied, that I may be able to help, nor that I have or can provide the needed part, nor that parts that I may have will work, nor work for for your specific purpose - even if it may look it will work! Your payment pays for my work time only, to review your materials, search my stock, equipment, or parts sources, and most important: for the time needed for correspondence - thus: NOT RETURNABLE.

Although: All of my efforts will focus to aid to the best extent possible for a solution to provide parts to get your equipment working again! - Proud of 30 years of experience in working on vintage Audio Equipment!
AND: with those who are valuing my time with payment I may gladly share any information such as: where to potentially find it, or how to substitute / reapir, etc.

Alternatives to my $30 minimum and "not retunable" policies:
Browse my web site and simply purchase available items via the Paypal shopping cart on my web site. Or: If I get enough inquiries for items that I may be able to offer readliy available, I may in response to your inquiry make these items available to the shopping cart, saving you the processing fee (and my work time!).

Parts ready to Purchase / Listed parts AND here: Repair Parts

Technical Questions -How to: find, name, substitue, repair etc.

WHEN READY provide details ( items #1-5 form above) with your parts inquiry, -> Please Contact Me


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