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8 Track Cartridges
Info About.8 Track Cartridges.

8 Track Players

8 Track Recorders

Impedance of Speakers? - 4 8 16 Ohm?
Amplifiers - Integrated
What needed to restore to reliably working
Amplifiers - Tube - Integrated
vintage versus modern tube amplifer

Amplifiers - Power - Solid State

Amplifiers - Pre-Amps

Analog Recording - Multi Track
Low Budget - What to get

Cassette Decks - 3 Hd - stereo

Cassette Decks - stereo - portable

Compact Stereos

Computers - vintage

Guitar Amp - tube
Value + How to restore

How to select the right speakers
Vintage Speakers versus modern
Speaker Cables / Connect
Speaker Impedance - 4 8 16 Ohm


Multi Track Recorders

Music Equipment
Tape Echo - How to build one
Add separate outs to beatbox

Organs- Electron Organs - vintage

Hammond S6 Chord organ value

Recording Equipment
Vintage Broadcast Portable Reel to Reel
Records (LP's, singles, 78)
How to clean
What to use to clean
Warped LPs - how to fix
USB interface to record to computer
78's - equipment needed to record
Record Changers
Record won't drop
Record Changers - HiFi-Stereo
Experiencing hum
Record Changers - Home 50's

Record Changers Portable stereo

Record Changers Portable mono - 50's

Record Changers Portable mono

Record Players - 50's
Record Players - Child's

Record Players - Commecial
Record Players - Unusual

Receivers - Hi-Fi Tube
Sansui 1000A questions

Reel to Reel Tape
How to transfer old tapes to CD

Reel to Reel Decks (7")
Difference betw: quadraphonic + multi track.
What is 4 track?
Reel Size, Speeds+Recording Formats
Worth refurbishing?
Tape heads - How to examine for wear
RtR Deck -bad motor

Reel to Reel Decks - Tube

Speakers - Hi-Fi
How to select the right speakers
Speaker Cables / Connect
Speaker Impedance - 4 8 16 Ohm

Stereo Consoles
How to refurbish myself
Repalcing the Record Changer

Synthesizers (vintage)
Tuners - Vacuum tube

How to maintain a turntable well
Troubleshooting hum
Grounding+ Audio Cables
Cartridge Installation
Anti Scating Adjustment
78 RPM Speeds
For 78 RPM only?

Turntables - Direct Drive
Speed stability problems

Turntables - DD - 4 Speed

Turntables - Belt Drive
Belt Missing - how to replace

Vintage Audio Equipment
USA made - how to date when made
Buying used versus quality refurbished

Why can't you answer questions for free?

VintageAudio + Calling Me

VintageAudio - Printed Circuit boards

Vintage Audio Consulting Services

Audio Equipment Currently For Sale
Rising Star Meditation Music CDs
Home Star's Art

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