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 Electronics Engineering Services

•Interactive Exhibit Design
•Hands-On Exhibit Circuitry
•Custom made interfaces and controllers
•Custom Made Power Supplies
•Auto Power-On / Startup Circuitry for AV and Computer Equipment
•Fast Design Circuitry - Quick Solutions to Complex Needs
•Audio, Video and Multi Media Solutions to convey content
•Custom Made Touch Screen and Kiosk Designs

 Interactive Exhibit Design

 Hands - On Interactive Exhibit - Snake Strike

This is an exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences for which I designed and manufactured all electronic circuitry. The interactive measures and compares vistor reaction time against the time of a snake. The visitor's challenge is to outrun the snake. My design was to generate the string of events needed to comunicate th emessage with electronic circuitry. The challenge here was to create a simple "computer" and to integrate all what-ifs. Design of special circuitry for extra large read - out (see photo) was needed as well. Almost all circuitry was realized with C-MOS circuitry.

 Hands - On Interactive Exhibit - Look Alikes

This is exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences asks the visitor to distinguish snakes by recognizing their striped patterns. Once the right pattern is put in by turning the pattern wheels to the right pattern the exhibit rewards with flashing then asks the visitor by a lighted arrow to find the other pattern.

I designed the circuitry for this exhibit with C-MOS circuitry. For the input of the right pattern I used magnets in the pattern wheels and reed switches as sensors.

 Hands - On Interactive Exhibit - Venometer

This is exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences shows the amount of venom in venomous creatures by means of a light bargraph that slowly rises to the amount of "venom level to indicate like a thermometer.

My task was to design the read out circuitry. This circuit was realized with chaining bar graph ICs to a bargraph of 70 points. The circuit provides switching to supply various voltages to the bargraph chains input so that several level indications can be called by the interactive circuitry.

 Other Electronics Design Projects for the Academy of Sciences - suitable for a wide variety of applications:

• POWER-UP CIRCUITRY. As by our definition AV and computer equipment installed in public situations for example at an exhibit floor, has to turn on by itself and star up fully automatic once the power is applied. This to reduce special staffing needs for regular day to day operations, for special events, or for power outages.

My design incorporates circuitry to simply turn on a device when power applied to it and another design is capapble or going through a whole sequesnce of steps, for example needed when a deviceneed a whole series of tasks to run like: turn on, select the right mode, wait 3 seconds then start up laser disk, then wait 1 second and select the right input.... Contact me for your special needs.

Feel free to contact me to discuss a design or technical solution for your specific situation. I am a problem solver, not afraid of the unknown and have come up consistantly with effective innovative solutions to quite a variety of seeming impossible to solve problems.

Should your e-mail remain unanswered within 24 hrs, please be assured that your e-mail did not reach my e-mail inbox - I check it twice a day. - Then please please call me.

Please check out also my: Electronic Lightsculptur/Public Art Design Web DesignMulti Media Services Media Creation and Other Services

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