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Sales of Quality Refubished Vintage Audio Equipment and Restoration / Repair Services
- Repairing, Refurbishing, Restroring and Custom Modifying of Vintage Audio Electronics + Music Equipment since 1979

For any vintage parts inquiry:
Please make it as easy as possible for me to help you by providing ALL of the details as below!
The more time I need to spend in e-mailing back and forth to find out what you need, the higher the price will have to be!

-> please READ ALL For a sucessful parts inquiry:

The reality about parts for vintage audio equipment that has not been made for decades in more than 95% of cases is:


Thus: For my own repairs I often have to be very creative: experient with subsittutes, pull used parts form similar equipment, custom modify, or even custom fabricate from scratch.

Thus: forget manufacturer replacment part numbers. Foremost I need
ONE (only one please!) detail PHOTO for each part that you need - plus the details form below (1-5)!

The correspondence for finding the right part for you takes a lot of time! To be exact: my work time that I need to bill for at my regular shop rate, as time spent answering parts inquiries is time not spent on my work bench. Thus: $30 minimum for the first part.
So: If you can find the needed part some place elese, please by all means do all you can, to do so! And: BEFORE contacting me!
I offer service for hard to find parts inquiries only, because: I myself know first hand how frustrating it is, not to be able to find them. I am Glad to help, and share form what I have collected over the decades, but need to bill for work my time. Other than that:
Welcome! And: THANK YOU forf your consideratrion!

CUSTOM ORDER ITEMS, that is anything that requires direct interaction - are $30 minimum for the first item. No parts inquiries answered over the telephone -> submit by e-mail only! AND: Custom Order Parts
not returnable and without any Warranty.

To Inquire about Parts please provide ALL:

1) One detail PHOTO for each part that you need:
-> SHOOT in macro mode, so that the camera will focus properly!
2) Please re-size the image in your camera to the smallest image size or use an image editing program for a photo file size smaller than 100 Kb, .JPG format, or I will not be able to review - No response!
3) Any additional descriptive information, such as: 3A): what the part is, what it's function is - where (e.g. in the circuit) AND how it is used; 3B): values (example: capacitors, potentiometers, transformers, semi conductors (type: e.g. 2 SA56), etc: K Ohms, uF, voltages, current requirements, etc. AND: 3C) physical dimensions (in inches or millimeters) - especially important for belts! 3D): type: for example for belts: "square" or "round"
4) Equipment type (e.g. "table top record player"), Brand name, model number, year manufactured, etc. for your equipment
5) Please care to include your ship-to ZIP code for accurate shipping costs.

Example: re-sized Photo (to 100Kb) in jpg format +“I need a 250 K linear stereo "Balance" potentiometer with an 8 mm knurled shaft, 24 mm mounting depth, with solder lugs and center loudness tabs for a Marantz 2226b Hi-Fi stereo receiver made in 1976 - Shipping to Chico, CA 95926, USA”

No parts inquiries answered over the telephone.

In response to your photo AND complete inquiry information
I will e-mail you one photo of parts that potentially may work, to offer purchase options, or for discussion if nothing closely matching is available - BUT: After sending you the first photo / e-mail, I require a non refundable $25 deposit to compensate for my work time, before further materials can be e-mailed to you.

NOTE: Due to the nature of obsolete vintage audio equipment and it’s obsolete parts: There are NO WARRANTIES expressed or implied, that I may be able to help, nor that I have or can provide the needed part, nor that parts that I may have will work, nor work for for your specific purpose - even if it may look it will work! Your payment pays for my work time only, to review your materials, search my stock, equipment, or parts sources, and most important: for the time needed for correspondence - thus: NOT RETURNABLE.

Although: All of my efforts will focus to aid to the best extent possible for a solution to provide parts to get your equipment working again! - Proud of 35 years of experience in working on vintage Audio Equipment! I have resurected many pieces of equipment where others had long given up.

For those who are valuing my time with payment I may gladly share any information such as: where to potentially find it, or how to substitute / reapir, etc.

Alternatives to my $30 minimum and "not retunable" policies:
Browse my web site and simply purchase available items via the Paypal shopping cart on my web site. Or: If I get enough inquiries for items that I may be able to offer readliy available, I may in response to your inquiry make these items available to the shopping cart, saving you the processing fee (and my work time!).

Parts ready to Purchase / Listed parts AND here: Repair Parts

Technical Questions -How to: find, name, substitue, repair etc.

WHEN READY provide details ( items #1-5 form above) with your parts inquiry, -> Please Contact Me


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