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Light Sculpture
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"In the beginning there was only the vastness of one.
Then the desire for creation created a lack of what was not yet here, which was a vacuum, which set flow of energy in motion to create it. Where there is difference there is a flow of energy. Where energy moves there is life.
(Rising Star)"

Cosmic Flow. This electronic light sculpture starts out as shown above. Slowly difference sets in and the brightness of the green lights softly modulates in brightness, one after another. The final state, to which the sculpture builds up in about 15 minutes, is a continuos flowing cyclic sequential motion of light through all of the 3 lights.

Includes authentication certificate and serial number, power supply. Current serial number: #3. Dimensions: aprox: 10 3/4" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Crafted to order. Allow 3 weeks manufacturing and delivery time.

>>> Please Contact us or call for questions and custom designs: USA (530) 876-8142
(10A-10P Pacific Standart Time)

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Custom Engineered and Crafted to Your Needs




Residential + Commercial: PLEASE INQUIRE!

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The perfect addition for homes and public locations, e.g. cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, museums, stores, or shopping malls.

Price: Engineering and manufacturing time plus materials. Please inquire. Sub contractor fees for required permits and local electrical codes etc. for commercial installations.
For all installations installations: Travel and accommodation expenses , Rising Star will be coming from Paradise, California, USA (closest airports: private airport: Paradise CA; Airlines: Chico CA (20 miles) - Sacramento CA 100 Miles).
Create the ultimate
magical environment at your location.

>>> Please Contact us, or call: USA (530) 876-8142
Visit here soon again for more pre - made sculptures. More electronic light sculpture cury under development. Contact for custom designs.

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