Relaxation, Space Music and Meditation Music by Rising Star

"These are light sculpture are here to stimulate your imagination as to discuss with you what I could create for you." (Rising Star)

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Light Sculpture
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Ultimate MEDITATION and Space Enhancement TOOLs

Custom Engineered and Crafted to Your Needs



Residential + Commercial: PLEASE INQUIRE!

Contact or Call for questions and custom designs:
USA 530.876.8142
10A-10P PST

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Electronic Light Sculpture. The perfect addition for homes and public locations, e.g. cafes, restaurants, movie theaters, lobbies, museums, stores, corporate headquarters or shopping malls.

Price: Travel and accommodation expenses, Rising Star will be coming from Paradise, California, USA (closest airports: private airport: Paradise CA; Airlines: Chico CA (20 miles) - Sacramento CA 100 Miles). Engineering and manufacturing time plus materials and sub contractor fees for required permits and local electrical codes etc.

Create the ultimate
magical environment at your location.

>>> Please Contact us or call: USA (530) 876-8142
(10A-10P Pacific Standart Time)

Visit here soon again for more pre - made sculptures. More electronic light sculpture currently under development. Contact me for custom designs.

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