Relaxation, Space Music and Meditation Music by Rising Star

These electronic light sculptures were created from the need to understand the universe and world we live in. It's all about energy: What is life and how does it express itself in the universe? What seems to be alive and what doesn't? What is common to all life expressions? What is energy and how does it work? What patterns does it follow? Why? Is there a bigger picture, a larger pattern? Who am I and where am I with all of this?

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Light Sculpture
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Electronic Light Sculpture by Rising Star

<<<---- Space Enhancement --->>>

Installation of an Indoor Starsky Space Enhancement:

Rising Star will come out to your location to install this magical 3-dimensional space enhancer and light sculpture. It will open up rooms, add spaciousness from above and bring a feeling of magic and awe when underneath the "indoor star sky". A perfect addition to your home, or for public locations, e.g. cafes, movie theaters or shopping malls. Installation spreads "stars" throughout physical space, each to emit dim starlight light. Almost completely invisible during daylight, a real hit and moodsetter at night. Blue background lighting optional. Electronic modulation, control and colored stars is a possible option.

Contact or Call for questions or custom designs:
USA 530. 876.8142
10A-10P PST

Price: Travel and accommodation expenses, (Star sky without options:) $175 for basic structural installation (small to medium size rooms), $20 each "star". Inquire about large scale projects, commercial installations and options. Rising Star will be coming from Paradise, California, USA (closest airports: private airport: Paradise CA; Airlines: Chico CA (20 miles) - Sacramento CA 100 Miles)

The ultimate
meditation environment.

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>>> Please Contact us or call: USA (530) 876-8142
(10A-10P Pacific Standart Time)

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